Watch Free TV with Megacubo


Television, as much as the appearance of the Internet and streaming have put it in check, is still important for many. TV, whether on air or cable, has that live magic that no video platform can give.

Do you agree with this?

If so, then you will know some websites that allow you to watch live tv on your devices. You have probably also tried to combine the magic of TV with cell phone, PC or tablet technology, accessing various sites with television programs.

As you may have noticed, it is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Now, if we told you that there is a way to watch all tv shows for free and on your devices, What would you say?

This way is through Megacubo, an app for Windows and Linux that is one of the best that exists for this.

What are you going to find here: Watch TV for free with Megacubo. Advantages and disadvantages of Megacubo. How to download and install Megacubo and much more!

What is Megacube?

Megacubo is a player for Windows, Android and Linux that allows you watch free tv channels through streaming. With Megacubo, you will be able to watch programs and series broadcast by television channels from all over the world, with excellent quality.

But best of all, you won’t need much internet bandwidth to get it.

Furthermore, and very importantly, Megacubo allows you to do a own selection of your favorite TV channels. But of the characteristics of Megacubo we will mention them later.

megacube is a software to watch free internet tv that come to occupy a very special niche. That niche is the one where users do not want to use more complicated applications like VLC or Kodi, which although allow you to watch TV for free, they are difficult to set up and use.

Megacube screen view

Now that we know what Megacubo is for, let’s go ahead and see how to download, install and use it. You think?

How does Megacube work?

Megacubo uses the same system as other programs of its kind, such as Kodi. I mean the famous m3u playlists. These lists are uploaded to different servers by Megacubo users themselves, and that is why the variety is countless.

This system is called IPTV, initials of “Internet ProtocolTV”, which in Spanish means “Internet Protocol Television”. IPTV is essentially a different way of transmitting television signals than the one used by large platforms such as HBO, Netflix or others.

Internet ProtocolTV

All this means that if you want watch free tv online from all over the world with Megacubo you will need to get M3U playlists. Where to get playlists for IPTV?

If you want to know how to find content for Megacubo, in the following lines you will find all the info.

How to find free TV channels in Megacubo

It should be noted that this type of playlists can be found in abundance in any search, the only thing is that you have to be very careful where you download them. However, in the case of Megacubo you will not have to worry about this aspect, since it incorporates an option called “Community Mode”.

This Community Mode allows you to get a good amount of lists to start watching TV immediately.

Even though the m3u playlists they can give you thousands of free TV channels and hundreds of hours of programming, unfortunately using these lists can sometimes be frustrating.

Watch TV for free with Megacubo

This is because being free, these lists can disappear. That these IPTV lists disappear may be due to several reasonsbut mainly because the user can no longer sustain the stream.

It can also happen that these transmissions are cut due to legal problems with the rights owners.

In short, that is why in this type of program it is usual that the broadcasts you were watching yesterday can no longer be seen. However, without warning, they can come back to life.

All this means that for to be able to watch free television on the Internet, You will have to be patient, trying and trying until you find content that you really like.

This problem however can be solved by acquiring a pay iptv tv list, with which you will ensure that what you were looking at today you can continue to see tomorrow.

It should be noted that in order to take full advantage of the paid lists, when you are installing Megacubo, you must select the “Exclusive mode”, instead of Shared mode.

Ways to use Megacube

Advantages and disadvantages of Megacubo

As you know, there are quite a few applications to watch free television online. However, they are not all the same. Each one of them has its small differences with respect to the others, which makes them special for each type of user.

In this case, we are going to see both the advantages and disadvantages of Megacubo.

Advantages of Megacube

One of the best things about Megacubo is that as soon as you open the program, shows you free TV channels directly in Spanish.

This is because the language data is taken during the installation of the program. In case for some reason you have selected another language, repairing it is very simple.

In order not to make a mistake in how you should install a program in Windows, we recommend the following post, which is not wasted: How to install and uninstall programs in Windows.

If you can not watch TV online for free in Spanish, with Megacubo solving it is very simple. Just press the key combination “Ctrl+L” and choose “Spanish”.

Advantages of Megacube

With that the problem is solved.

Undoubtedly, one of the Megacubo’s most important features is its community. Members of the Megacubo community, by the way very large, contribute to updating the list of channels.

This allows you to always have a very interesting program, without having to scroll through a impossible maze of websites to find the tv you like in the simplest and most comfortable way possible.

This community is constantly growing. This greatly favors a section called “Assisted Channels”. This allows you to see the audience of a certain channel in near real time.

On the other hand, Megacubo’s favorites system offers you the possibility of easily accessing the programs that you like the most through the option “My favourites”

To access the favorites, you must click on the heart icon on the main screen of Megacubo. Now to add a program to the favorites list, all you have to do is press the key combination “Ctrl+D”. This will add the open channel to that list.

Now, if you want to remove it, all you have to do is press the same combination of keys again to remove channel from favorites list. It should be noted that the channel must also be open to do this step.

Speaking of comfort, Megacubo has an option called “mini player”. What is this? Basically, it is a kind of PIP (Picture in Picture) player.

Watch TV for free with Megacubo

This Miniplayer that allows you to scroll through other content while still watching your favorite channel on a fixed mini player in the corner of the screen.

Megacube Disadvantages

Although how can you see Megacubo offers many interesting features, the truth is that some of the most used by users are only offered by the Premium version of the program.

An example of this is the inability to record the channel you are watching. In the Premium version this can be done quite easily.

Another negative edge are the free or free IPTV playlists. These lists sometimes tend to disappear. Above we explained the reasons. This will often lead you to try to buy playlists, which do not have permanence problems.

Megacubo has a lot of advertising?

As you know, when you access a site to watch movies or free internet television, you usually find yourself with such an amount of publicity that you end up leaving.

Advertising on this kind of websites or programs is a real nightmare, always trying to dodge the little closing crosses until you can finally get to the content.

Advertising in Megacubo

Fortunately, with Megacubo this is not the case, since we will only have to see a few ads, always transmitted by the original signal itself.

Where to download Megacube?

While you can always download apps from anywhere, the truth is that nothing better than doing it from the official site. This is valid both for Megacubo and for any other program that you want to download and install.

Downloading programs from its official site will always ensure that the app installer has not been modified at all, that is, it will not bring any “surprise”.

If you want your copy of Megacube to be intact, and do not bring you any problem both when installing it and using itthe best thing then is to download it from the following link:

Download Megacubo to watch TV online for free

At this point you won’t have to worry about the version of your operating system nor of any other technical detail, since it is the site itself that checks which version you need.

How to download and install Megacubo?

Once you access the Megacube Official Site, as we mentioned it will start to download the correct version of Megacubo for your computer. Once Megacubo is downloaded to your PC, you will need to follow these steps.

Step 1

go to the folder “Downloads”. If you have left your operating system as it came from the factory, then the file will be there.

Step two

Double click on the Megacubo installer.

Download Megacube

Step 3

Once the installation begins, you will have to accept the terms of the license.

Step 4

After that, it will start downloading from the megacube servers everything you need to get started with the installation. When you finish this step, you will start with the actual installation.

Install Megacube

After installation, you will have to decide which of Megacubo’s operating modes will be the one you are going to use, the mode “premium” or the way “Limited”.

Megacubo Premium or Megacubo Limited?

When the installation finishes, a very important window will appear. In it you must select the Megacubo operating mode.

Here you will see two modes of operation. With “Use my available resources” Y “I prefer limited use of the app.” These two modes basically differ in the features they can offer you.

In this sense, the first option allows you to have access to benefits such as using a Chromecast or the recording of your favorite programs. This of course comes at a price, which is passing your traffic through a third party company.

Features of Megacubo Premium

This means that the company will have access to resources such as storage and processing power of your computer.

In this window they promise that your resources will not be used for miningstorage or other activities, but it will certainly not favor the operation of your computer at all.

Limited mode

The mode “Limited” on the other hand, it does not use your PC’s resources, except those necessary for its own operation. That is to say that nobody has access to the physical resources of your computer as in the mode “premium”.

in case you want try Megacubo in “Premium” mode to take advantage of your Chromecast or record your programs, it should be noted that you can always disable it later. You can do this in the program preferences. So now you know, if your computer gets really slow with the Megacubo “Premium” mode, you can disable it.

Now that the subject is a little clearer, we continue with the installation of Megacubo.

step 5

After the modes screen you can press the button “To finalize”.

Install Megacube

Step 6

At this point, you will meet the Megacube main window. On this screen you will find all the options to manage Megacubo, as well as a lot of very interesting features.

  • Live: In this section you can view all available tv stations in the playlist IPTV that you have loaded. Also the IPTV lists that Megacubo incorporates.
  • Videos: In this section you will find hundreds of free television channels ordered by a wide variety of criteria.
  • Favorites: In Favorites you will find all those free television channels that you have marked as favorites. To bookmark a channel you like, tap “Ctrl + D” with the channel open. To remove it, press the same combination also with the channel open.
  • Tools: In this section you will find all the tools to change the appearance of Megacubo, with which you can customize it to suit your taste.
  • Trends: In this section you will find all those programs that the Megacubo press release considers to be good. A good section where to start.
  • Keep watching: As its name implies, here you can find the last program you were watching. Very useful in case you liked something but you don’t remember where you saw it, something common in an app like Megacubo, with so many TV offers.

Login to Megacube

  • IPTV lists: Here you will find all the tools to import IPTV lists, the community lists and the programming guide.
  • Setting: The Configuration section is one of the most important in Megacubo. Here you will find all the options to make Megacubo the perfect tool to watch free TV. In this section there are the tools to configure the performance mode, the language, the management of the IPTV lists, tools to import and export, change the country and the security options, among others.
  • About Megacube: In this section you will find all the information concerning the current version of Megacubo and help. It should be noted that this last item will take you to a Facebook group.
  • Leave: Obviously, this icon will allow you to exit the Megacube.

If you want to know how all these options are used, from here you will find all the info on this topic and much more!

Differences between Free Megacubo and Premium Megacubo

How to use Megacubo step by step?

Bored of always watching the same shows on TV? How lucky you are Megacubo!

This is a program to watch free internet tv that can give you a few hours of fun in front of your computer screen. Even more so if you have your PC connected directly to a big tv.

With Megacubo you can access hundreds of television channels from all over the world without having to pay anything for it. The only thing you will need here is a good internet connection, and a good chair in which to enjoy a few hours.

Megacubo offers you the possibility of watching any type of television channel, which makes it ideal to share with the whole family. You can watch free tv with content as varied as news, children’s programs, sports, music, movies and even adult content, if you want it.

How to use Megacube

Now, chances are you have downloaded Megacubo but find it a bit difficult to use. But don’t worry about that, since from this point on, you will have at your disposal a basic guide to Move around Megacubo like an expert.

The first thing you will see when you open Megacubo after installing it is the home screen. On this screen you will find a few TV shows ready to watch. You will find them in the section “Live TV”.

When you press this option, you will find a lot of categories like “Entertainment”, “kids”, “Culture”, “News”, “Trips” and many more. It is only a matter of clicking on one of them.

As soon as you do, you will have access to several channels related to the theme you selected.

Click on the one that interests you. This will bring up a window with various options. At this point, to see the channel, you just have to click on “Watch now”.

If you don’t like what you’re watching, the only thing you have to do to remedy it is to stop playback with the square button. This will immediately return you to the previous section to select more channels.

Categories of content in Megacubo

Although it seems messy at first glance, the truth is that it is not so much. For keep the order of the channels you want to watch, you have available, at the end of each category, a way to improve things.

There you will find options like “Edit category” Y “Add channels”, that will allow you to order, remove and add the content you want in each of the categories.

Also among the Megacubo options you will find the possibility of searching for a specific channel. All you have to do is write the TV channel you want to watch in the box “What do you want to see?”

Immediately after the query, the results relevant to your search will appear.

Choose what to see in Megacubo

With respect to transmission quality of the channels, this is not the responsibility of Megacubo. But the program has a way of telling you the transmission quality of all channels, just like a traffic light.

This is done through a color code located in the lower right corner of the screen.

These colors are green, yellow, and red, and indicate the following:

  • Green: This color obviously indicates that the transmission is smooth, with less chance of being interrupted.
  • Yellow: This color indicates that the transmission is weak, and can be lost at any time.
  • Red: Red indicates that you need more internet bandwidth to view the stream smoothly and without interruption.

Megacube Categories

If you have a little patience, the categories of Megacube they can provide you with a way to have all the content you like available without distractions of any kind.

To avoid having to navigate through the entire program in search of the program you want to watch, it is best to remove everything you don’t need and create new categories. These can be ordered by the name of the person who will enjoy them or a descriptive name that works for you.

Categories in Megacubo

To do this, all you have to do is the following:

Step 1

Click on “Setting”.

Configure Megacube

Step 2

After them click on “Manage channel list”.

Step 3

Then click on “Edit channel lists”.

At this point you will be able to fully edit the way you see the Megacubo channel lists.

Edit channels in Megacubo

To do this, click on a category and a new option will appear. To edit the content of channels in that list, click on “Edit Channels” There you can delete the channels you don’t like.

It should be noted that you can also add new channels, with the option “Add channels”.

To delete the category entirely, select “Delete category”.

The procedure is really simple, and if you use it wisely, you will be able to get the most out of Megacube.

Channel lists in Megacubo

If you want know all ways to watch TV for free on PC, In this link you will find the best information: Guide to Watch Free TV on PC