Telegram for PC and MAC. user guide


The communications over the internet they have opened a window to endless possibilities, of that there is no doubt. Since the appearance of the first messaging applications, the way we communicate with others has changed radically, both with family and friends and with work relationships.

In this point, messaging applications currently play a more than important role within any company, since they are one of the fastest and cheapest ways to be in communication with employees and customers.

But also the home messaging apps They are an essential tool for all family members to communicate easily and cheaply wherever they are.

That is why there are so many messaging applications, being Telegram, a free messaging service, one of the best of its kind. In this article we will learn what Telegram is and how it works, plus how to download and install it.

What is Telegram?

Telegram was developed as a application for cell phones and smartphones in 2013 to establish itself as a text and multimedia message service, however later the service was extended to other platforms, including the web.

Today, it has become stiff competition for already well-established services like whatsappsince despite being similar in the service they provide, Telegram offers certain peculiarities that are very useful for the user, such as the possibility of chatting through so-called “Groups”, which can have up to 5000 members, security and encrypted messages.

Likewise, other features of Telegram are two-step verification, which gives us a stricter security framework for access to the application, the possibility of using aliases, which allows us to any user adds us to their contact list even without knowing our phone number, the so-called stickers, a kind of emoticons larger than usual, the possibility of sending and receiving messages from multiple devices without needing to install third-party apps for it. Telegram also has a mode in which messages are automatically deleted without leaving a trace, since they are stored in the cloud, after a certain time.

Another very interesting feature is that Telegram allows you to send files up to 1.5 Gb. It also has a photo and video editor, which allows us to fix and modify images before sending them to our recipients without the need for an external editor.

How does Telegram work?

Basically, Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp, Both in the way of use and in its aesthetics, where the differences will be noticed, which are many, is in the security and in the characteristics that each one of them offers.

Once we have downloaded and installed the application, which we will see later in this article, we run it and click on the icon located to the right of the interface, which will allow us to start a new conversation on Telegram. There we will select from our list the contact with whom we want to start a chat, which will immediately open a new window.

In this window we will find a blank space where we will have to press so that the keyboard appears and we can start writing. We can also click on the clip icon to take a photo or video, or add a photo from the gallery.

Main features of Telegram

In the same way that it happens with the rest of the instant messaging applications and communication through the internet, Telegram also has a series of limits in terms of the capacity available for, for example, the size of files to sendthe amount of files and chats that we can archive, among other things.

Here we review some of the main aspects regarding these characteristics that Telegram offers us, and that we must always keep in mind in order to get the most out of the application.

User account

Each of the user accounts we use in Telegram It has a series of specifications and limitations that we must respect. In principle, when we choose a username for our account, we must know that we are only allowed an alias that has a maximum extension of 32 characters, while the minimum is 5 characters.

Furthermore, although in our username we are allowed to use numbers and special charactersthe truth is that in the case of the first character of the name we cannot place an underscore.

The next thing we need to know is that when writing our “Bio”, which consists of the description of the users, we have a maximum limit of 70 characters, so we must be synthetic in this sense.

On the other hand, it is very interesting to be able to have several accounts, and precisely Telegram gives us the possibility of having up to 3 associated accounts in its original version. In addition we can be joined to a total of 500 channels and supergroups at the same time.

When it comes to user account deletion due to inactivity, it is important to note that in Telegram what is called self-destruction of the account occurs, which happens by default after six months of constant absence of activity. In any case, in the application configuration we can choose for this time limit to be 12 months.

Groups, Supergroups and Chats

As far as our daily activity is concerned, we should know that Telegram allows us to send text messages whose maximum length is 4096 characters. At the same time, we can forward up to 100 messages at a time.

An extremely interesting feature in Telegram lies in the fact that it allows us to send large files, that can reach the size limit of 1.5 GB, which, as we know, does not happen with other applications of its type.

Likewise, video messages should be no longer than one minute, while for the photos we send, we can include albums of up to 10 images, which can be shipped in a single package.

On the other hand, when it comes to scheduling messages to be sent at a certain time of day, Telegram allows us to create up to 100 scheduled messages per chatand the maximum time it offers us to schedule the sending of that message is up to one year.

Regarding the groups, it should be noted that when we create a group in Telegram we can give it a name with no more than 255 characters, and we also have to take into account that in order to add a pack of stickers to the group, said group must be made up of no less than one hundred members.

individual chats

Some of the most interesting aspects that Telegram offers us With regard to individual chats, that is, from person to person, it lies in the possibilities it offers for editing and deleting messages.

In this sense, we must take into account that if we want to delete a message that we have sent to someone, in Telegram there is no time limit to delete italthough in the case of wanting to edit it, then we must wait 48 hours after sending the message to be able to edit it.

As for the talks, in Telegram it is possible to delete an entire chat for both parties, which also includes the messages that have been sent by the other user with whom we share the chat.

A very interesting feature of Telegram in terms of individual chats is the possibility it offers to Self-destruction of photos and videos after being viewed. With this function, once the photo or video has been viewed by the recipient of the message, after 60 seconds it is automatically deleted. Of course, for this we must have activated the timer before sending the message in question.

Groups or Supergroups

Many users who are still unaware of the possibilities of Telegram usually ask themselves a common question, How are groups different from supergroups?

Although there are a few basic differences between the two concepts, the fundamental thing in their differentiation is that a group can have a maximum of 196 participants, since when that limit is exceeded, then the group becomes a Telegram supergroup.

Let’s keep in mind that the maximum number of participants in a supergroup is 200,000 members. Also, after a group has been converted to a super group, regardless of whether it reduces its number of members, it can no longer be converted back to a basic group.

Among the main features of telegram supergroups, we can mention that in them we can manage to visualize the last million messages. Likewise, it includes a slow chat mode, with which it is possible to establish a restriction on the time that elapses between the sending of one message and the other, which can range from 10 seconds to an hour.

General characteristics of Geo-Chats

An excellent option that includes the Telegram application are the Geo chatwhich allow us to contact people near our physical location who are using Telegram.

Among some of the Basic features of Telegram Geo-Chats We must point out that the application acts for this on a radius of up to 13 kilometers from our location, to allow us to find nearby groups.

As for individual users, we can find people who are at a maximum distance of 100 meters, for which we must access the section “Close people”.

Telegram allows us to create up to a maximum total of 5 Geo-Chatswhich of course can be removed and replaced by new Geo-Chats, and also the number of people who can join and participate in Geo-Chats is unlimited.

General characteristics of the channels

The application Telegram offers us the possibility of creating channels, which can have an unlimited number of followers.

Being administrators of a channel we will have access to a great variety of information, to be able to know the users who have decided to follow our channel on Telegram. We can also view the last million messages.

It should be noted that users can delete their channels whenever they want, although in the case where a public channel has more than 1000 subscribers, then to remove said channel we will need the approval of Telegram, and We will have to carry out this elimination through the help provided by the technical support of the application.

General characteristics of surveys and questionnaires

Between the various options including Telegram, the application does not provide the possibility of creating surveys and questionnaires to be answered by the users we have as contacts.

In this sense, the Telegram surveys and quizzes they have certain limitations, including that for example each of the surveys cannot have more than 10 possible options. In addition, the surveys can be made with a single answer or multiple answers.

As for the questionnaires, they can also be single or multiple answers, although only one of them must be the correct answer to the question posed.

Stickers on Telegram

Undoubtedly, stickers have become an almost indispensable element in Internet messaging applications, and of course in Telegram we can make use of these nice and fun images, albeit with some limitations.

In this sense, we must bear in mind that Telegram allows us to add up to a total of 200 packs of stickers, which should not exceed 120 stickers for each pack.

Likewise, it is important to point out that the stickers must be in PNG format, and their size must not exceed 512 X 512 pixels.

As for animated stickers, their animation cannot last more than 3 seconds, they cannot be larger than 64KB, and in the case of their format, they must have the TGS extension.

On the other hand, in the recent stickers section, Telegram allows us to view and access the last 20 stickers that we have used, and it is important to point out that in the favorite stickers section we can only have a total of 5 stickers marked.

Telegram groups

In the same way as in WhatsApp, with Telegram we can create a group, which we can easily do by pressing on the icon of the three horizontal lines. This action allows us to be in contact with several people at the same time and send them documents, files and audio messages, as well as videos.

Unlike WhatsApp, in Telegram groups it is not necessary to have administrators, In other words, all the members of the group have administrative control over it, being able to carry out some management tasks such as inviting other users to the group, changing the group’s profile picture and much more. Of course, the group must have been created by a specific member.

In addition to the groups Telegram offers so-called “Supergroups”, groups that are called like that due to the large number of users that can participate in them, up to 200,000. These supergroups are nothing more than chat rooms that are specialized in various topics.

the theme of the administration of these Telegram supergroups is different from the groupssince here it is allowed that there are administrators who are in charge of this type of management tasks.

On the other hand, as we mentioned above, it should be noted that when a Telegram group it grows in the number of users as well as in the flow of messages, it has the possibility of becoming a supergroup, which allows it to grow without limiting its strategies to reach it.

Download Telegram for free

Telegram is available on multiple platforms, including telegram for android, Telegram for iPhone and iPad, Telegram for Windows Phone, Telegram for MacOS, Windows and Linux. We can also access Telegram through the web.

If we want to download Telegram for free, all we have to do is access this pageselect the type of platform suitable for our equipment and follow the instructions of the system.

Telegram for PC

In addition to its popular application for mobile devices, Telegram offers its users the alternative of using Telegram for PC, the desktop version of the messaging service that we can use on our Windows computer.

Regarding the version of Telegram for PC we must say that it is one of the most complete tools of its type, since the truth is that to use all its functionalities it is not necessary to our cell phone is connected to the internet, and it is not even necessary to have the phone near us.

The service you offer Telegram for PC it is totally independent of the mobile application that we have installed on our cell phone, and that is what makes it one of the most interesting tools on the market.

Yes we compare Telegram for PC and the tool that WhatsApp offers to use on the computer, we immediately noticed several significant differences. First of all, WhatsApp requires that our cell phone be linked to the web client, while in the case of Telegram this is not necessary, since it works with a totally independent installable client.

The first thing we need to know is that Telegram for PC is available for multiple platforms, so it can be installed on computers with Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux operating systems. In addition, it is an open source application.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of Telegram for PC lies in the fact that this version offers the user the possibility of having all the functionalities that the mobile version of the application has, since the options of both are unified.

Likewise, within its great advantages we can point out that Telegram can be used on several devices at the same time and independently, even without the need for all of them to be connected to the same WiFi network.

What can you do with Telegram for PC?

In general, the functionalities offered by the version of Telegram for PC they are identical to those included in the Telegram mobile application, so since they have practically the same general characteristics, we will see that both work in the same way.

when using telegram for pc, that we must download and install on our computer, we must carry out the necessary steps to enable our account, which we will do by writing our phone number on the form, with which we will receive the identity confirmation number and from there we can start use the application on our computer.

Now, once we have installed Telegram on our PCit is also important to know what features it offers us, that is, what we can do with Telegram for PC, as well as what its limitations are.

As we have already mentioned above, In Telegram for PC we can carry out practically almost all the actions that we usually carry out with the mobile version of Telegram that we have on our cell phone, so we can choose to log in with our user account that was already created, or we can choose to register a new account.

Once we are already using Telegram for PC we can send and receive text messages, voice notes, files, photos, video clips, music, among others, as well as use stickers and emojis without limitations.

At the same time, with Telegram for PC, As with the mobile version of the application, we can make voice calls, send surveys, contacts and reminders, schedule messages, forward, reply and delete messages. It also gives us the ability to create, manage, and participate in groups and channels, send bot content, and view and edit contacts.

As for customization, in Telegram for PC we have available functionalities such as choosing and configuring the application interface, as well as access the advanced option settings to make changes.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is that with Telegram for PCbeing installed on our computer, we can use the application not only to be able to send any file that we have stored on our PC to our contacts, but we can also write to ourselves.

In regards to the limitations that Telegram has for PCalthough these are minimal, the truth is that when using the version of the application for the computer we will not be able to send photos with the camera, for example.

Likewise, in Telegram for PC the function to send our location is not available, as well as not being able to send secret messages. In addition, the tool does not offer us the possibility of being able to use two accounts simultaneously as is the case with its mobile version.

Install Telegram for PC

Once we have downloaded the version of Telegram suitable for our device, We will proceed to install it. When we have finished installing Telegram, we run it, and after that a window will appear where we will be asked to enter a phone number.

When we have entered our phone number, Telegram will send us an SMS with a code in order to verify the account and verify that the number entered is really ours.

Once entered this code we must enter our name and surname. It should be noted that it is very important that we enter our real name, because if we do not, our contacts may not recognize us.

Finally, we follow the system instructions until the operation is completed.

telegram for mac

As we have already mentioned, the desktop version of Telegram is available for various operating systems, And how could it be otherwise, the application also has a version of Telegram for Mac.

In the case of telegram for mac, Broadly speaking, we can point out that it is a free tool that gives us the possibility of carrying out all the tasks that we usually do with the mobile version of the application on our cell phone.

In the same way that we already mentioned it on Telegram for PC, in the case of Telegram for Mac it is possible to use the tool on several devices simultaneously, and it is an independent tool, so we will not need to have our mobile phone to be able to use it on our Apple computer.

between the different features offered by Telegram for Mac, users can send messages, photos, videos and files of any kind, synchronize chats across all our devices, and write to the contacts we have on the phone, as well as find people through usernames.

At the same time, Telegram for Mac allows us to create groups of up to 1000 people, coordinate these groups, and also create and manage broadcast channels that can reach an unlimited audience.

Among other things, with Telegram for Mac we can also store our media in the cloud, build our own tools on our API, and pretty much all the functionality available in the mobile version of the app.

To use Telegram for Mac, we must download the application from this linkafter which when installing it we must complete the form by entering our phone number.

telegram website

In the event that we do not want to install any version of Telegram on our devices, we always have the possibility of using the version of Telegram for Webwhich we can access by clicking on this link.

Notably to access Telegram Web it is also necessary to enter a telephone number, as well as our username and password.