Watch TV with SopCast


Are you a soccer fan? Would you like to be able to watch all the games for free?

Or maybe you’d like to be able to watch every season of hit shows like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead without having to pay for it.

So SopCast can become one of your favorite applications since with it you can watch free television over the Internet through the P2P system that ensures that the content is always renewed.

Also, the great advantage of SopCast is that you can use it on your Android phone, Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

With SopCast you will be able to watch all the football matches completely free of charge, and at the same time you will be able to enjoy your favorite series in real time at the time of its premiere .

What you will find here: What is SopCast and how does it work? Advantages and disadvantages of SopCast. How to download, install and use SopCast?

What is SopCast?

Basically, SopCast is an application that allows you to access the multimedia content of the channels that are transmitted through the P2P system.

With a stable internet connection and the app installed on your phone or computer, you can access live soccer matches, TV shows, series, movies, and more .

Although initially when the SopCast application was released it was exclusive to the Windows operating system , the good thing is that today it can be used on Linux, Mac and Android devices.

thanks to the latter you can enjoy SopCast content at any time and place since, for example, you can watch the game of your favorite soccer team on the screen of your Android phone without having to pay for it .

Watch soccer for free on SopCast

To do this, SopCast uses the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) system of streaming servers. That is why there are no costs for users not only to watch TV for free, but also to be able to stream their own TV broadcasts .

This is one of the features that sets SopCast apart from other P2P programs, since it allows you to make your own live broadcasts for everyone.

In short, SopCast is a free cross-platform program that allows you to watch TV, listen to radio, and stream via P2P (peer-to-peer) technology.

Now review with us the main features of SopCast:

  • Uses SoP technology based on P2P
  • It is a service that does not need an account to be used
  • It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • Allows you to make live or recorded broadcasts
  • It allows you to access a large number of channels from all over the world.
  • You can use your favorite player to watch TV, for example VLC
  • You can create your own channels and broadcast them
  • Support streaming media in asf, wmv, rm, rmvb, mp3 formats
  • The cache is total so it does not cause damage to the hard drive
  • Offers good performance with low CPU resource usage

SopCast Features

Best of all, SopCast is free, ad-free and spyware-free!

How does SupportCast work?

As we already mentioned, SopCast uses P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology to work. which you can access through P2P clients to be able to watch all kinds of free TV programs.

But what is P2P?

In general terms, P2P is a communication model, whose main characteristic is that it is a decentralized platform. In this way, a central server is not required, but each user fulfills the role of server or client.

P2P Features

To use P2P all you have to do is download a p2p program and you can start using it to receive or send content.

Precisely, one of the main rules of P2P technology is that the more users there are simultaneously transmitting, for example, a television channel, the better its transmission will be.

In this way, the more connected sources transmit the same program or TV channel, you will be able to watch it without interruptions and with less latency.

If you have ever used programs like Bit-Torrent to download movies and series, then keep in mind that SopCast works in a similar way.

Therefore, when you find yourself watching, for example, a soccer game on SopCast, you also become a transmitter of that content . If you have a standard PC and a home Internet connection with good bandwidth, you can become a customer of around 10,000 online users.

Watch Free TV on SopCast

On the other hand, although SopCast itself is also a P2P player, which includes a video player, web player and SopServer, the best thing is that it allows you to use the player you like the most with a simple configuration of its parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages of SopCast

Although there are endless tools that allow you to watch television for free over the Internet, the truth is that SopCast has so many advantages that make it one of the most interesting applications of its kind.

Keep in mind that in addition to being multi-platform, it’s a very easy-to-use program, and it’s also really stable, so you’ll be able to watch television channels without suffering cuts or interruptions, since it doesn’t have ads either.

As for its database, it is really huge, so you can access an almost infinite number of options to see both live and recorded.

Watch Free TV on SopCast

In addition to seeing the content available on the platform, through SopCast you can also watch the videos and listen to the songs that you have stored on your computer or on your phone, since SopCast works as a video and audio player.

One thing to keep in mind is that SopCast usually has updates from time to time . In this way it manages to remain stable and give very good results, while adding new features.

Let us now see the advantages and disadvantages that SopCast has.

Advantages of SopCast

The main advantages that SopCast offers to watch TV online for free are the following:

  • It’s free
  • It is cross-platform. Can be used with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android
  • No user account required
  • Millions of channels from all over the world.
  • live broadcasts
  • Access to radio stations
  • Can share and transmit data at high speed
  • You can watch foreign channels that you don’t have access to with other systems
  • You can subscribe to TV channels from all over the world
  • Allows control of image quality based on device resources
  • The higher the number of connected users, the better the streaming quality
  • excellent stability
  • It has no interruptions, cuts or drops.
  • No ads or spyware
  • Uses minimal consumption of CPU resources

Watch football for free with SopCast

Disadvantages of SopCast

As with all apps, of course SopCast also has some drawbacks . However, if you evaluate everything that it offers you, then you will conclude that it is one of the best alternatives available.

The main disadvantages of SopCast are:

  • Most of the channels are in English.
  • It is limited to watching free television in Spanish, since it does not have many channels in this language
  • It limits the capacity and performance of the network, since the use of P2P causes a very high use of the network
  • The asymmetry of the connections hinders an optimal quality of the P2P connections
  • Live content is a few seconds or minutes late, depending on the bandwidth of the internet connection

Watch TV channels with SopCast

We could say that one of the main drawbacks of SopCast is the lack of legality of the broadcasts, as is the case with all the content that circulates through the P2P network.

Just as users broadcast free content that is paid for, the distributors of that content carry out this type of activity, so sometimes you will see that there are channels that were available and are unsubscribed .

SopCast is free?

When it comes to apps for watching Internet TV on your computer or phone, many immediately think of cost.

is that we are used to services like Netflix Amazon or HBO Max, where we should pay a monthly subscription to be able to enjoy the content available on these platforms.

Free channels available on SopCast

In the case of SopCast, you do not have to adhere to any type of paid subscription. It’s totally free!

Is SopCast safe?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that as long as you download the SopCast executable file from the developer’s official website to install it on your device, you won’t have security problems .

On the other hand, an advantage of SopCast is that it is a software that supports VPN technology . That is, you can stream and view content without compromising your security .

This includes end-to-end protection to protect you from potential virus and malware attacks .

Watch free TV with SopCast

Where to download SopCast?

If everything you have read so far has made you want to give SopCast a try, you can now go download and install the app.

Depending on the use you are going to give it, that is, if you are going to use it on your Android phone or on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer, the download of SopCast is done from the same place.

To do this you must go to the developer’s official website at this link: Download SopCast

There you will find all versions of programs available for download.

Sop Cast Logo

You may have some trouble accessing the site as the developer page is not working properly. anyway and there are hundreds of websites where the software is shared . Always be careful not to download a file with malware.

Among the available versions you can find those created for the Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems and in the case of Android you will find the apk on the site .

Before starting to download and install SopCast it is important that you take into account the hardware requirements. At this point, the truth is that you don’t need a powerful computer to use the application.

Watch soccer for free on SopCast

How to download and install?

Let us now go through the different steps you need to follow to download and install SopCast on the different platforms.

In all cases, the procedure is really simple and fast.

Download SopCast for Windows

Step 1

Go to the official sop cast page at this link and click the download button for the Windows version.

Step 2

When the executable file has downloaded, you need to double click on it for the SopCast installation to start running.

Install SopCast on Windows

Step 3

Double-clicking the file will bring up a box where Windows will ask you to confirm the installation . There you need to click the “Yes” button.

Step 4

As with other programs you install on your computer, all you have to do is follow the installation steps . In a few minutes you will have the application available on your computer.

step 5

When the installation is complete and you are informed that the installation was successful, you should click the “Finish” button.

step 6

If you are interested, you can also download and install the SopCast SopFilter add-on tool.

Install SopCast on Windows

With it you will have the possibility to watch channels directly from your favorite player like Windows Media Player or VLC .

Download SopCast for Android

Step 1

In the case of Android, from the official SopCast website you must download the apk directly from the phone or tablet.

Step 2

Once you have the file downloaded, before running it, you must give the necessary permissions to the system to be able to install an APK.

To do this, you must go to the settings or configuration of the phone, and there click on the “Security” section.

Install SopCast on Android

Step 3

Then you must click on the “Unknown sources” option, which must be activated to allow the installation of the APK .

Step 4

Once done, you can now click on the SopCast APK file that you will find in the phone downloads and the installation will start.

Install SopCast on Android

Download SopCast for Linux

In this case, you must download the version for Linux distributions from the official SopCast website .

Once the download of the executable file is complete, the steps you will need to follow will be the same as those performed to install the application on Windows.

Download SopCast for Mac

If you have a Macintosh computer, you can also enjoy SopCast.

In this case, you will have to download the file to install the program on Mac, and then follow the installation steps indicated above to install it on Windows.

How to use SopCast step by step?

With SopCast installed on your computer or Android phone, you can now start using this fantastic tool to access all kinds of multimedia content.

How to use SopCast

Using SopCast is really easy, so you won’t have any problems even if you don’t have experience using programs that use P2P technology.

There are several steps to be able to use SopCast . Below we detail each of them.

Login to SopCast

Step 1

To use SopCast you must be logged in .

To do this , open the program .

Step 2

Once in front of the main window of SopCast you will find several options since you can log in anonymously or with your own account.

Please note that it is recommended to create your own account as this will allow you to save the application settings and your favorite streams.

Login to SopCast

In this case, it is obviously much better to create a new account through the link below, since we will be able to enjoy all the functions .

Step 3

Creating an account on SopCast is extremely simple.

When it starts, a window will be displayed in which we will find a series of tabs to move around within the program.

Configure SopCast

To get the most out of SopCast it is recommended to follow the steps detailed below in relation to the basic configuration of the program .

Step 1

Before starting, it is recommended to translate the interface into Spanish.

To do this, open the program and go to the options section. There you will find the item “Language” . Select Spanish.

After that, save the changes .

Set language in SopCast

Step 2

The next thing that is recommended is to select server .

To do this, go to the settings tab and put in the URL element Add the link you want.

Keep in mind that SopCast includes a link by default, but the truth is that on the Internet you can find other options shared by the users of the application.

Configure server in SopCast

View channels on SopCast

Step 1

Once you are on the main SopCast screen, you need to go to the “Live Channels” tab.

Step 2

In this section, the different live channels that are currently being broadcast through the application.

Step 3

When you find the one you want to watch, just click on it to play it.

Watch free channels with SopCast

Step 4

You must proceed in the same way if you want to watch other channels that are not live. In this case you should click on the “VoD Channels” tab.

step 5

Although at first glance it may seem that there are not many channels available, the truth is that the list of channels is usually updated minute by minute.

If you wish, you can update it manually by clicking the button with the update arrow icon on the top right.

step 6

You can also subscribe to the channels that you like the most, adding them to favorites .

To do this, once you have selected the channel in question, you just have to click on the star icon .

This option is really useful to be able to quickly access those channels that you always want to see.

Add Favorite Channels on SopCast

step 7

The icon in the form of “+” will help you to expand and contract the list of channels.

step 8

The last icon on the right, in the form of a view, is there for you to sort the channels to your liking with categories like channel type, ID number, language, and more.

Keep in mind that next to each of the listed channels you will find on the left a display quality indicator that the signal currently has.

Display quality in SopCast

The more blue stripes the stream has, the better quality the content can be viewed.

Broadcast on SopCast

Step 1

If you want to create a new channel to stream, go to the “MyServer” tab.

Step 2

In the process of creating the new channel, you must configure the following information about the transmission that you will make:

  • ID: channel identification number.
  • Channel Name: name you want to give to the channel.
  • Vis: type of access, public or private.
  • Type: Relay Type
  • Sts: transmission status.
  • QC: quality of network clients.
  • QS: emission source quality.
  • Online User: Viewers online at this time.
  • Visitor Count: total number of viewers who have passed through the channel.

Broadcast with SopCast

Step 3

To start streaming, head over to the “My PCOS” section, where you can also select the type of source you want to stream from, which can be streaming, file, or folder .

It should be noted that SopCast allows you to stream for free and you can do it through different options, live streaming, archives or with a playlist.

Keep in mind that in order to stream you must have a router.

Broadcast on SopCast

Considerations on the use of SopCast

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting to use SopCast :

  • When the buffer does not exceed 60% percentage, the channel display may not be very good. It can also be unstable and have cuts.
  • The ports used by SopCast range from 3900-3920.
  • The higher the download and upload speed of the ADSL, the greater the fluidity of the channel.
  • It is recommended to eliminate those programs that consume the speed of the lines, such as those that work under P2P technology, such as Skype, uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Watch free TV with SopCast

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