GUIDE: How to retouch photos


There is no doubt that photography has become fashionable in recent years, and not only traditional artistic photography exclusive to the environment of professional photographers, but also amateur photography. This is largely due to the possibility that for a couple of decades the digital photography.

Today, fortunately, all users have one or more digital cameras, since there is not only one on the market wide range of digital cameras of all prices and for all tastes, but also almost all portable devices include this feature, so we even have a camera to take photos on our mobile phone, to cite an example.

But not only does the camera give us the possibility of capturing those beautiful images, but we can also always add a plus to them thanks to the help of someone. application, program or online service that allows us to retouch those photos and achieve the best results.

In this article we will learn about some of the software tools for different platforms, as well as free services that allow us to retouch photos online Even if we don’t know much about it.

Do you need to retouch photos?

Photography is really exciting, and the truth is that once we get into the world of photography, most people begin to be more and more fascinated by this universe, so the next step is undoubtedly to find software that allows us to edit the images that we have captured with our camera to improve them remarkably.

At present, with the enormous offer of existing software, perhaps find the right app to retouch photos can become a somewhat difficult task, since when choosing we should take into account a series of very important factors.

In principle, it is not only important that we find an app to retouch photos that includes a huge range of functionalities, but it is also essential that said software is easy to use, especially if we are amateurs in this field.

One of the first aspects that we must set to choose an application to retouch photos it is if we want to spend money on it or prefer to opt for a free alternative. This is also related to the type of functionalities that the program includes and the needs that each one of us has in terms of image edition.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to choose a photography tool that has a simple interface, intuitive and easy to use, but that at the same time includes the possibility of accessing various tutorials and official help, to improve our experience during learning.

Photo retouching programs

It is well known that Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used tools in the graphic environmentand in the world of photography it is generally the most referenced among professional photographers, but the truth is that if we are an amateur in image editing, Photoshop may not be the best alternative for us, especially considering its high value.

The truth is that there is currently a huge number of applications available, many of them free, that can provide us with the necessary tools to be able to retouch photos without major inconveniencesand although they cannot be considered a replacement for Photoshop, especially among designers and professional photographers, it is also true that any of these applications can be more useful for users who are just starting out in this field.


The first option, and one of the best known, is Gimp, a totally free open source graphic design appwith which you can basically carry out almost all the tasks that are carried out in Photoshop, since it has similar characteristics.

Being compatible with Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP and later, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and BSD, Gimp has more than interesting features, including filters, layers, effects, and everything you need to retouch photos.

In addition to all this, Gimp has an interesting selection of plug-ins that greatly expand the possibilities that we can take advantage of with this application. Its ease of use makes it ideal for perform all kinds of actions when we want to retouch photos.

If you are interested in this application, you can get more information and download it clicking on this link.

Like Gimp, is a free photo editing and retouching tool which can be used on the most varied platforms, and is usually ideal for users who are accustomed to using the Microsoft Paint program included in Windows, since its mode of use is very similar, which is why the curve of learning.

Its graphical interface is practically identical to Microsoft’s Paint, including, for example, the selection palette and the basic painting tools, although its difference lies in the fact that includes layers, filters and effects, as well as a wide range of plug-ins .

In addition to being an economical option, since it is free software, is one of the best alternatives for users who want to perform basic image editing and retouching photos.

You can download the app from this link.

Zoner Photo Studio

Although it is a paid software, the truth is that we can download the free version of this app to try it out for 30 days and decide if it suits our needs. However, the paid version costs $89.

Among the features that Zoner Photo Studio includes, the interesting library of photo frames and templates stands out, as well as basic editing functionalities, including effects and filters to retouch photos.

Also, with this application we can import photos directly from the camera, we can perform batch file renaming, and includes over 50 editing tools.

You can download the free version of this software in this link.

XnView MP

One of the main features of this application is that it has support for more than 500 image file formats, including the most common such as JPG, PNG and GIF, as well as some lesser known Amstrad CPC and Kodak RAW, among others.

XnView MP is a multiplatform software, that is to say that it can be used in Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems, and among other things it allows us to perform batch conversion tasks.

Likewise, it includes tools for classifying images, labels, categories, and others, which is really useful since it gives us the possibility of having our photos always in order.

You can download this app from this link.

Apps to retouch photos on Android

If you are one of those who prefers to retouch photos immediately after having captured a photo with your Android phone or tablet For example, to share it instantly, it is best to opt for an application for it.

The truth is that in Google’s Play Store there is a huge variety of photo retouching toolsso here we present some so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Created by Adobe and following the most fundamental aspects of its great Photoshop program, this free application for Android is one of the most interesting alternatives for retouch photos with our smartphone or tablet.

Among the various tools included, Adobe Photoshop Express for Android It allows us to adjust, edit and share with a few clicks any photo that we have captured with the camera of our smartphone.

The application includes, among other things, filters, effects, basic editing options, red eye removal, automatic contrast, exposure and white balance correction, photo blemish removal, color regulation, noise reduction and more.

If you are interested in trying the application you can download the free version of it in this link.


InstaBeauty is currently one of the most popular photo retouching apps in the android world, especially since it is one of the best tools to significantly improve the appearance of selfies with a few clicks.

Basically it is a professional camera for taking selfies, that includes more than 50 makeup styles and 100 filters, in addition to having a huge number of types of compositions for photos.

It also includes unique features, such as makeup, appearance beautification and defect removal, as well as beauty filters included with presets, including more than 10 artistic and exclusive filters.


This is a very interesting application for retouch photos on android, since it allows you to achieve excellent results quickly and easily, so its use does not require the user to have prior knowledge of photo editing.

The application has a really intuitive interface in which we can make use of its features, which include auto enhancement, effects, stickers to add to photos, color balance, brightness adjustment, contrast and saturation.

In addition, of course, it has the basic options for retouching photos, as well as an interesting series of cosmetic tools for correcting red eyes, eliminating skin defects or whitening teeth.

You can download the app for free from this link.

Apps to retouch photos on iOS

In the event that we are users of an Apple device, and we wish to retouch photos that we have captured with our iPhone, in that case we can also use a huge number of applications that are available to install from the official store.

It is only important that we carry out some tests to be able to choose which is the photo retouch app for ios that best suits our needs.

Below we bring you some of the most outstanding and popular of the moment.


In general terms, we can say that Typic consists of a photo retouch app for ios that gives us the necessary tools so that we can add filters and effects to all the captures that we usually take with our iPhone, as well as allowing us to carry out other actions on them, such as inserting text and design elements.

One of the great advantages of Typic is that it has a really simple and intuitive interface, making it ideal even for the most novice users in the field of retouch photos.

As regards the possibility of Add text on the photos that we have already retouched with the addition of filters and effects, it should be noted that the application has a library of around 50 different fonts in the most diverse colors, sizes and styles. It also allows us to add frames to the image.

Likewise, the application offers us the possibility of being able to share the photo that we have retouched in different social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and via email, or if we wish we can simply save it to the iPhone.

You can find Typic for free to install on your iOS device from this link.


Another interesting option in the field of apps to retouch photos on iOS It is without a doubt the popular Fotor, which is being used by an increasing number of iPhone users due to the functionalities it offers.

It is a really simple application to use, which allows us to access a wide library of filters and effects to retouch photos and so on. improve the captures we make with our phone.

It also includes options such as HDR, virtual focus editing to achieve depth in photos, light and color range modifications, convert color images to black and white photos, highlight colors, improve brightness, contrast and saturation. of any type of photo.

Fotor not only has a library of about 75 effects to retouch photos, but it also includes the possibility of allowing us to capture images directly from the application, and in this sense it should be noted that Fotor manages to capture excellent moving images, among other things.

If you are interested in trying Fotor, you can download it for free from this link.

retouch photos online

An excellent option to retouch photos on our computer is to opt for one of the many online image editors available for it. The great advantage of these tools is that we do not need to install any software on our PC.

Here we tell you what are the editors to retouch photos online currently available.

Pixlr Editor

It is an image editor that is used through the web browser, so in order to use it we must have the Adobe Flash plugin installed, this means that we do not need to install any extra application on our computer, and it is also totally free.

East photo editor for web browser It offers us a more than interesting amount of functionalities, among which filters and effects are included with which we can make a Endless retouching in our photos.

Also includes support to open and edit PSD files, and at the same time one of its main features is its excellent integration with Google Drive, with which we can add Pixlr Editor to the list of applications connected to Google Drive, and in this way edit images directly from a folder in our Google Drive, as well as save the retouched images there.

You can find this tool for free in this link.

Another interesting online tool for retouching photos is Makeup.Pho.To, whose main feature, among other things, is that it offers us tools to be able to carry out a complete automatic facial retouching of a photo.

Options include skin makeup, eye makeup, red eye removal, teeth whitening, color enhancements to adjust lighting on the face and surrounding area, as well as a library of over 40 effects.

Its use is really simple, and we can use the service through the official website, in this link.


One of the main features of this online photo retouching service is that it is one of the funniest of its kind, since it includes a huge number of original effects, among which is the famous Cartoonizer.

In addition to including the basic options for retouching photos, BeFunky offers us the possibility of adding frames and transparencies to photos, adding text and more.

Also, this editor includes smart photo retouch toolswith which it is possible to improve the lighting of the photos, reduce noise and repair any other defect.

Finally, it is important to mention that it has a very easy-to-use graphical interface.

Therefore, if you want to try the tool, you can find it in this link.

photoshop express

The company Adobe has made available to all users in the world an online service in which we can use a free version of Photoshop via web browser, therefore, it is not necessary to install anything to be able to take advantage of its tools to retouch photos.

It is a free service in which we can perform photo editing through a modified and simplified version of Photoshop, which makes it an accessible tool for any type of user, including those who have never used this software.

The tool includes two modules, on the one hand one that helps us to edit photos and retouch photos online, and another module with various options to decorate said images, which includes an interesting number of effects, filters and options to improve the photos.

In addition, it is important to mention that if we create an account on the Adobe page, we can save the images that we have retouched in our own Photoshop Express online library.

If you are interested, you can try the tool in this link.