What is Netflix? Its origin. Prices and accounts. Where and how to use Netflix


Since the Internet has become in every corner of the planet and the possibility of using the services offered through the network of networks from any device that has the ability to connect, without a doubt the customs of the people have changed drastically.

Such is what we can see happening with access to audiovisual content, since the old custom of renting movies at places like Blockbuster has been completely and completely displaced by streaming services. streaming over the internet.

In this way, today we can choose which movie or which series to watch without leaving our house and just by pressing a couple of buttons in almost any device connected to the internet, and it is precisely due to the success that these types of services have had that more and more companies are offering this alternative.

Such is the case of Netflixone of the leading services of its kind, through which we can access thousands and thousands of movies, series, documentaries, concerts and more by contracting a subscription whose value is really not that significant, especially if we are lovers of cinema and TV.

The netflix hit not only has it completely displaced video rental stores, of which there are surely very few left in the city in which we live, but it has even caused a crisis in cable television systems, due to the fact that more and more more people in the world choose to use internet streaming services.

But Netflix is ​​not only that, but it also gives us the possibility of watching exclusive content, that is, produced by the company, as is the case with the popular series “House of Cards”, “Stranger Things”, “Dark” and else.

For those who think about the possibility of replacing video cable and satellite television, Netflix is ​​a more than interesting alternative, especially for those who do not usually spend part of their time watching soap operas or football matches.

In this sense, a combination of TDA (Open Digital Television) and Netflix It would be ideal for many, since in addition to having the possibility of enjoying free-to-air television programming (only in certain areas) through the TDA, by becoming a Netflix user they will be able to have a video club open 24 hours exclusively for them and with a really extensive catalog and for all tastes.

Basically Netflix is ​​an online service dedicated exclusively to the online distribution of movies and television series, and it has an impressive catalog that includes series and movies, both recent and of a certain age.

These contents are at our disposal for each time we want to see them, that is to say that once we have accessed the service, we can select what we want to see via the Internet in a completely legal way and without any type of limitation, neither time nor content. Of course, for this to be possible, we will have to pay a monthly subscription, which is quite cheap.

Here we tell you everything about Netflix, and we give the answers to all questions about the service.

What is Netflix?

In recent years we have surely heard and grown tired of read Netflix referencesbut the truth is that we may not fully know what is netflix, Therefore, if we are thinking of contracting the service, it is best to first know in depth what it is about.

In general terms, Netflix is ​​an online streaming service through which we can access an unlimited amount of film and television audiovisual content, of course, for this we must pay the subscription to the service, but the truth is that it is not such an expensive fee, when we evaluate all the content available That we will have.

The truth is the catalog that Netflix currently offers is very wide, and in it we can find content for all tastes and for all ages, and through the service we can not only watch movies and series, but also offers us titles of documentaries, television programs, concerts and others.

In addition, Netflix has the possibility of configuring different profiles within the same account, which is why it includes a Kids mode to be used by the smallest of the family, since in this way the available content is filtered according to the ages of the spectators.

Likewise, Netflix provides the option to download movies and series so that its subscribers can enjoy the content without the need to be connected to the internet, a very interesting option for when we want to watch a program, for example, and we do not have an available connection.

Another aspect to highlight about Netflix is ​​that it is a multiplatform service, for which we can view the content that it offers us through various devices, as long as they have the possibility of connect to the Internet.

The Origin of Netflix

Netflix was originally born as a streaming service. movie rental and mail-in hand in hand with the effort and work of Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1991, but it was not until the end of that same decade that the company achieved the prestige and client portfolio that catapulted it to the forefront in this field.

Of course, with the passing of time and technology, and precisely with the rise of streaming over the Internet, sending DVDs by mail has ceased to be profitable, and Netflix changed its business strategy to adapt it to new trends, and with it the profits multiplied several times, mainly due to the reduction of expenses associated with the logistics and distribution of physical storage media.

With almost 200 million users around the world, and after a few years on the market, Netflix today is a strong company, and that he has been able to make deals with companies and film distributors of the stature of Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Anchor Bay, Time Warner, MGM and Universal, among others.

Netflix’s growth just got even more exponential when the coronavirus pandemic startedsince most of the countries of the world entered different stages of quarantine and social isolation, with which the populations turned to the increase in the habitual use of the Internet.

This positioned Netflix at the top of the rankings of companies of its kind, and although there are several companies that compete to ever reach the podium, the truth is that for the moment it is estimated that Netflix will continue to be the market leader.

How does Netflix work?

To know how netflix works, In principle, we must know in broad strokes what Internet video streaming services are about, since Netflix is ​​basically that.

In this sense, we must say that a streaming video includes a web platform through which the data that reaches the computer or device connected to the Internet is reproduced on the screen.

This data is stored in the device’s cache memory and at the same time is reproduced, which differentiates it from what would be a movie downloaded from the internet, and which also eliminates the possibility that the audiovisual content that we are watching is accompanied by a virus, as often happens with the movies that we download from pirate sites.

Of course for Netflix to work properly, we need to have a moderately powerful internet connection, since with slow connections the service cannot be enjoyed correctly.

In this case it is necessary to have a high speed internet connection, As is the case with broadband, it is not recommended to use a dial-up connection, since these are generally not fast enough.

On the other hand, although in many cases streaming video over the internet requires that we have a special player installed on our computer with the necessary codecs to be able to see the content, in the case of Netflix it is not necessary, since there are different versions to be able to access it.

For example, if we want use Netflix through our Windows computer, we can do it by downloading the free Netflix app from the Microsoft store. We can also do it through the web browser by accessing the official Netflix page, where the service uses a player created with HTML5.

There are even applications created for various mobile device platforms, as is the case with netflix for android. With this we can enjoy our favorite movies and series at any time and place, even when we are traveling and in the meantime we want to relax and watch something that entertains us.

Regarding the copyright of movies, series and other content that we can watch through netflix, It should be noted here that as long as we have a user account in the service, the viewing of this material is completely legal, since the company pays the corresponding licenses for it.

This is the opposite of many sites on the internet that offer free content, where it is actually made available to users. pirated copies of such content.

In those free sites where we find illegal copies of audiovisual material, we will surely come across very low quality content, in many cases even deficient. This does not happen with Netflix, where all the movies and series that are offered are in excellent quality, in addition to having different audio and subtitle options.

Likewise, Netflix offers an important catalog of the company’s own content, that is, exclusive productions that can only be enjoyed through a subscription to the platform. Today, without a doubt, some of the series and Netflix exclusive movies they have become the most watched by viewers around the world.

Characteristics and Netflix catalog

Without a doubt, one of the Netflix strengths is that they have experience in the market, which allows them to have the knowledge about what their subscribers want to see, and that is why in the service we can find all kinds of content, from latest series and movies such as “The Walking Dead” Y “Transformers” to classics of black and white cinema, or jewels of the seventh art such as “Taxi driver” either “A Clockwork Orange”, including local content such as novels and films of Argentine and Latin American origin.

It also has a section dedicated exclusively to the smallest of the house, where we can find series and cartoons such as “The Amazing World of Gumball”, “Spongebob” Y “Adventure Time”, as well as classics like “My little Pony” either Garfield Show.

Of course, the contents in this section are dubbed into Spanish, but in the adult section, movies and series can be enjoyed in their original language, with the possibility of adding subtitles. For those who like watch movies and series dubbed into Spanish, they can too.

On the other hand, we must point out here that one of the main qualities of Netflix It lies in the fact that the platform offers everything that a user wants from a service of this type: stability, image quality and content quality, as well as a good price for all of this.

Best of all, we can try Netflix for free and without limitations for the term of 1 month, after this period, we can subscribe to the service by entering your website and request it with our credit card. As simple as that.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that With Netflix we are not tied to any type of contract, so if for any reason we want to stop using the service, we can do so calmly and without fear.

How to hire Netflix?

If we are interested in contract the Netflix service, The procedure to do it is really very simple. To do this, we must open the web browser that we always use on our computer, and go to the Netflix website, in this link.

We can also do it from our Android phone or tablet, installing the Netflix application and acquiring the services from there, in this linkas well as in the Netflix application for iPhone devices, at this link.

If we carry out the procedure from the web browser on our computer, which is the most recommended, once on the official Netflix website we must enter the email in the corresponding box and then click on the button “Start now”, from where we can start the registration.

After this Netflix will show us the available plans to contract the service, which we detail later in this article, so in this instance we choose the one that suits us best according to its value and its limitations.

The next thing will be to create the account of Netflix user. For this, the service has requested an email address from us in the first instance, since it will always be linked to our Netflix account. We must also add a password, after which we must enter a payment method.

We will receive an email in our email box verifying the contracting of the service, after which we can start using netflix without problems, always with our assigned email account and the chosen password.

Netflix Prices

When we contract Netflix for the first time we will see that the company offers a free trial of one month, so if we are not sure if we want to contract the service we can always evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of Netflix with this 30-day trial.

Once the 30 days have elapsed, Netflix will send us an email in which it will inform us that the free trial time of the service is about to expire, and will invite us to contract some of the plans it offers.

The truth is that when we see everything it offers us, we realize that the cost of Netflix is ​​not that high, in addition to that we can hire the type of plan that best suits our needs and our pocket.

Netflix has three plans. In principle, the basic plan, whose value is around 3 dollars, a standard plan that costs around 5 dollars and a Premium plan that has a value of 7 dollars.

In each of these plans we can enjoy exclusive and unlimited content, in HD quality, but they vary on the one hand in the number of devices that can access the service simultaneously.

In the case of the basic plan, Netflix can be used on only one screen at a time, in the standard plan on two simultaneous screens, while in the Premium plan the number of screens is currently 4 simultaneous devices, and at the same time this plan includes the possibility of viewing Ultra HD content.

Notably on Netflix there are no long-term contracts, so we can always cancel our subscription, and this does not lead to service cancellation fees.

On the other hand, it should be noted that once we have subscribed to the service, we can use our Netflix subscription from any device, including Smart TVs, iPhone, iPad, PCs equipped as HTPC, Android tablets and smartphones and game consoles such as the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Netflix accounts

As we have already mentioned, creating an account on Netflix is ​​really simple, and we only need an email address that will be associated with our Netflix user account.

After that, Netflix can be used by all members of the family, and best of all, each of them can have their own user through this unique account.

To the start using netflix We will see that the service offers us the possibility of creating different profiles, also including a Kids mode, where the content is filtered so that it is suitable for the smallest of the family.

Creating profiles on Netflix is ​​very simple, we just have to do the following: once we log in to Netflix, at first we click on the button “Manage profiles”.

After that we can add the number of profiles that we want and from there we can configure each one of them whenever we want, just by pressing the edit icon that appears in them.

Among the configuration options we can choose the image within a series of icons that the service offers us, determine the name of said profile, choose the language in which the netflix options, choose the type of programs and movies allowed.

Once all these steps have been completed, all that remains is to click on the button “Save”.

When we have to create a profile for a child, once all the aforementioned steps have been carried out, we check the box “Little boy?”, and then in the section of allowed TV shows and movies we choose the option that best suits us according to the age of the child who will see content through this Netflix user profile.

Regarding the configuration of our Netflix accountwe can always modify certain data, such as the contracted plan or the means of payment and others, accessing it by clicking on the icon of our profile, and within the drop-down menu by clicking on the item “Bill”.

On the next screen we can configure certain options of our account, for example including playback settings, the appearance of subtitles, ratings, reviews and others. We will see all this later when we tell you about it in this article. how to use Netflix.

What devices can I watch Netflix on?

one of the great advantages of the Netflix service It lies in the fact that we can enjoy it from almost any device. In this sense, as we mentioned above, we can use Netflix on our computer through the web browser, accessing through the company’s official website.

We can also install on our Windows PC the free netflix appthrough the Microsoft Store.

In addition to that we can watch Netflix content on our mobile devices, installing the applications available for it, for example on an Android tablet or phone, we can find the free app in the Google Play Store, and the same thing happens for Apple devices, since there is also a free version of the application for this platform.

Likewise, we can watch Netflix if we have a Smart TV, since this type of television includes the possibility of accessing the service directly. However, we can also watch Netflix on a screen without the Smart feature, through the addition of some special device, as is the case with the chrome cast or the tv-box.

How to use Netflix?

Here we tell you all about how to use Netflix. It should be noted that the first time we use the service, it is convenient that we configure some parameters of our user account, for which we access “Bill” through the dropdown menu from our profile.

On the next page that is displayed, we scroll down to the section “Profiles and parental controls”, where we display the options of our account to be able to start configuring some of the main parameters.

The first thing we are going to do is look for the item “Playback Settings” and there we click on “Change”.

A new screen will be displayed in which we will find different configuration options for content playback. Here it is recommended to select in the data usage per screen the option “automatic” for video playback quality. After making the changes we need, we must click on the button “Save”.

In section “Aspect of the subtitles”, we can select how the subtitles of the content we play on Netflix will always be seen, including aspects such as font type, color, size and others.

To access it, we carry out the same steps that we carried out previously, that is, we click on the link “Change” which corresponds to the parameter we need to configure.

Once these parameters are configured, we can start using netflixso if we want to search for a specific movie or series, from the home screen of the service we click on the search button, which appears with the magnifying glass icon, and then we write the name in the bar.

Notably on Netflix we can search by name of movie or series, even approximate, by actors, directors, year, theme and others.

We can also select what to see through the netflix homepage, where we can find movies and series grouped by themes, genres, recently added and even over time a section will be displayed in which the service shows us suggestions according to our taste.

On the other hand, we can access content by genre by clicking on the drop-down menu of the item “Explore”, where we will find various genres.

In addition, the bell icon that is located in the upper right sector of the screen will always tell us when it is new movie available on netflix or series on the site.

If we wish, we can add movies and series to our own list, for which we click on the chosen video in question, and then click on the icon “+”with which that content will be automatically added to the section of “My list”.

Everything we have seen, but we have not finished viewing, in order to continue from where we left off we can access it from the section “Continue watching”, with which we can view that content from where we left it the last time we played it.

Regarding the audio and subtitles of movies and series, Netflix gives us many options in this regard, and to access them we just have to do the following: When we are playing a movie, we click on the dialog icon that will display a menu from which we can configure the audio language and activate or deactivate the subtitles in our language.

Finally, it remains to add that Netflix gives us the possibility that each of the users can create reviews and rate the content that is available.

The truth is that the use of this service is really simple, so we can quickly use Netflix without major complications, and it will surely become our favorite application.