How to watch TV with Ace Stream?


wondering if you can watch free tv online live and also with excellent quality?

The answer to that concern is yes! As long as you have the right tool for it. And precisely Ace Stream can be one of the best options.

Why? Well, Ace Stream is an application that works through the decentralized P2P platform. Hence you can access free live TV content broadcast from different parts of the world.

Furthermore, Ace Stream is available for multiple operating systems, including not only the ability to use it on your Android phone or Windows PC, but also on your TV with Android TV.

Another of its advantages is that it allows you to live broadcasts and with an unlimited number of viewers.

At the same time, you can use Ace Stream to watch TV through torrents no need to download them.

What are you going to find here: What is Ace Stream and how does it work? Advantages and disadvantages of Ace Stream. How to download, install and use Ace Stream?

What is Ace Stream?

If we had to summarize what Ace Stream is all about in a few words, we would have to say that it is a service that uses Peer 2 Peer technology (P2P) similar to Torrent downloaders, which you will surely know.

You may use Ace Stream to watch and stream all kinds of content. However, platform users often use them to enjoy live content.

With Ace Stream you can watch free tv channels and programs online live. But it also allows you to enjoy series, movies, free soccer games and much more content. And the best thing about all this is that you won’t have to spend a dime!

Ace Stream is free!

Not only the content you can access through Ace Stream is free, but also the software is too. And a great advantage is that you can see all that content without downloading it to your device.

AceStream website

On the other hand, it is important to note that Ace Stream is available for various platforms, so you can use it on your Android phone, your Windows computer, a Linux PC or Mac, and even on your TV or TV Box with Android TV.

Among its main features, it is important to highlight that Ace Stream offers the possibility of obtaining high-quality audio and video playback, which will allow you to access 4K contentFull HD and Lossless.

How does Ace Stream work?

As we already told you, Ace Stream is a program that offers you the possibility of view live streaming content, for which it uses the technology of P2P networks.

For this reason, when you are playing for example a live TV channelthe application uses the files that other users are currently sharing from their computers through the P2P system.

P2P system

Each computer or device that connects to a transmission, automatically transforms into a server that allows to transmit said content.

That is why in this system, how much the greater the number of connected users to the retransmission of the same channel or program, the greater the quality, fluidity and stability of broadcast content.

Also, With Ace Stream you will have a P2P connection management program on your device. In this way you will also be sharing the content you are watching, without having to depend on external applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ace Stream

These types of programs always offer advantages and disadvantages, but they have to do more than anything with the preferences of each user. For some, an advantage can be a disadvantage.

However, there are certain specific things that represent the same for all users. Therefore, from this point You will find the advantages and disadvantages of Ace Stream broken down.

Ace Script Extension for Edge

Advantages of Ace Stream

How could it be otherwise, the main advantage of Ace Stream is the ability to view content live using the P2P network. This will allow you to watch the most popular TV broadcasts wherever you are, without the need for repeaters nearby.

To see the best free internet tv, all you need is Ace Stream and a good internet connection.

Although it might seem watching TV via P2P can be tricky, the truth is Ace Stream makes things easier than ever. Both to use the program and to find the TV program you are looking for.

For the latter, it has a extension to install in your favorite web browser. This extension for Firefox, Chrome or Edge will allow you to find anything that is streaming with Ace Stream in a matter of seconds.

Playing AceStream in Browser

On the other hand, Ace Stream has one of the best running speeds. This is because the more users watch the same program and stream it in turn, the better the quality of the stream.

And the best of all is that all this will be done automatically, without having to configure complicated network things and others.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that Ace Stream is compatible with Chromecast, that fantastic Google gadget.

Finally, Ace Stream is not just P2P. It also offers the possibility of watch free TV online. It does this through IPTV playlists, the same ones used in other programs like Megacubo, Kodi or MediaPortal.

Likewise, it also offers the opportunity to watch digital terrestrial television, better known as TDT, and listen to radios from all over the world through your streaming.

Disadvantages of Ace Stream

Despite having so many advantages, Ace Stream reaches its full potential when you pay a monthly subscription. Although there are limitations for those who use the free service, the truth is that they are hardly noticeable.

Some of the disadvantages of using the free service and not the payment of Ace Stream are, for example, that does not offer an ad-blocker system.

Another disadvantage of Ace Stream Free is that it does not have the possibility of using a proxy, which would allow you to play content on other devices or applications.

One major stumbling block, especially for those who watch a lot of free TV online, is that Ace Stream’s free service it only allows you to watch 500 hours of television per month.

Although it may seem like an adequate number of hours, the truth is that we like television, and we want more!

Now if you want to remove all these restrictions, you can always subscribe to one of the Ace Stream plans.

How much is the Premium version of Ace Stream?

As we mentioned, although most of Ace Stream’s drawbacks are not detrimental to the average user, the truth is that if you want more, you will have to pay.

For this, Ace Stream offers you a couple of plans that can be useful to you.

For example:

  • with the plan “standard”, of u$s 1.50 per month, you can count on Ad-Blocker and Proxy Server.
  • with the plan “premium”, of u$s 3.00, in addition to all the advantages of the Free and Standard plans, you will have 1000 television and access to content classified as “Premium” by the broadcasters.

AceStream Subscription Plans

Is Ace Stream safe?

In this section, the first thing you have to know is that Ace Stream, in addition to being legal, is completely safe. In other words, it does not bring any kind of program or hidden routine give you trouble later.

All this means that you will be able to download Ace Stream for watch free TV over the Internet through P2P in a safe way. Both its version for PC and its version for Android.

But unfortunately, not all the content you can find for Ace Stream is legal. In this sense, you will have to be careful where you download from, and avoid any suspicious site.

In these sites it is possible to find content of all kinds, however, much of it is protected by various copyright laws, especially sporting events.

Another point in which you should be quite cautious is where do you download Ace Stream from. Always download it from its official site, and avoid any other way.

Where to download Ace Stream?

As we mentioned, it is always best to download Ace Stream, or any other program, from its official site.

Download AceStream

For that matter, you can download Ace Stream from this link:

There you will find several apps.

  • Ace Stream‎‎ Media: Full-featured universal multimedia application. Includes P2P client and media player. Available for Windows, Linux, Android and Android TV.
  • Ace Stream‎‎ Live TV: In this application you can find all live TV channels. Available for Android.
  • Ace Stream‎‎ Engine: This is an implementation to be integrated into apps from third party developers. It is capable of playing content on any player or remote device. Available for Android.
  • Ace Stream ‎‎ Script: This is the browser extension that will allow you to add the ability to watch free Internet TV from any browser. Available for most modern browsers.

Products under development by the company are also shown.‎

  • ‎ Ace Stream ‎‎ Surfing: Decentralized media browser under development.
  • Ace Stream ‎‎ Meta Search: Decentralized metasearch application capable of integrating with any of the most modern browsers.
  • Ace Stream ‎‎ Media Hub: This is an app developed to catalog content. It is also capable of acting as a media server.

At this point, you should select the version for your operating system. In this case, we have selected as an example, installing the version for Windows, which is the one that may offer the most difficulty.

After seeing so many versions of Ace Stream, most likely you are wondering which of them you should install. To make it very easy, it is best to install two apps.

  • Ace Stream Media: This is the main app, that is, the one that offers all the features for watch TV via P2P.
  • Ace Stream Script: This is the extension that will allow you to watch Internet TV in your browser.

Ace Stream for Android

As to install Ace Stream for Android, it’s just a matter of searching for the app on Google Play and clicking on “Install”. Nothing more.

AceStream for Android

In Ace Stream for Android you will be able to watch videos over the Internet, at the best youtube style. Of course, you will need a link to do this. An advantage of Ace Stream for Android is that it has its own video player. It is capable of displaying videos in various file formats, without having to install anything else.

Ace Stream for Android TV and TV Box

Also for Android TV there is a version of Ace Stream. this is call “Ace Stream Live TV”, and will allow you to watch live Internet TV. The app is compatible with many TV Boxes and Android TV.

The only drawback of these apps is that they do not include TV channels or where to watch videos. That is to say that you will have to manage to add IPTV playlists or OTT services.

How to download and install Ace Stream?

Once you accessed the link that we gave you above, you will start downloading Ace Stream.

To do this, you must follow the instructions detailed below. It should be noted that they are two separate elements: Ace Stream Media Y Ace Stream Script.

Download AceStream

Download Ace Stream Media:

On the Ace Stream download page, click on “windows” under “Ace Stream Media”. This will start downloading the app to your computer.

Download Ace Stream Script:

Under Ace Stream Script, click on “All platforms”. This will direct you to a new page.

Step 1

Here you must click on “Got It”. This step will take you to a new page, where you can select the plugin for your browser.

Select the one corresponding to your browser and install it.

Select browser for AceStream

It should be noted that this plugin is installed in your browser like any other Add-on.

Installing Ace Stream

Step 1

When you’re done installing the plugin, it’s time to install the main program.

AceStream executable file

Once Ace Stream is downloaded to the computer, open the executable. With this immediately The installation wizard will start.

Step 2

You then agree to the license terms. Click on “I Accept”.

Accept the terms of AceStream

Step 3

Select the components you want to install. If you don’t know which one to leave or remove, leave the default settings. Click on “Next”.

Installation of AceStream

Step 4

Choose the installation location. Click on “Install”. At this point the program will begin to install.

step 5

To finish, click on the button “Finish”.

Installation of AceStream

How to use Ace Stream step by step?

To get started with Ace Stream, all you need to do is follow these instructions. The first thing you should do is configure the Ace Stream connection.

Set up Ace Stream connection

Step 1

In the Windows system tray, click on the downward triangle to see more apps.

Step 2

Right click on the Ace Stream icon.

Set up Ace Stream connection

Step 3

At this point a panel will open where you must click on Options.

Set up Ace Stream connection

In the window that appears, check the option “Start with sufficient speed Only”.

Step 4

After that, click on the button “Okay”.

Configure Ace Stream Player

Now it’s time to configure the Ace Stream player. Basically, the Ace Stream player is a modification of the well-known VLCMediaPlayer. For this reason, its use is similar, and it does not present inconveniences.

Configure Ace Stream Player

To set it up, do the following:

Step 1

Click on the icon “Ace Player” on the desk. This will immediately start the player.

Step 2

Then press the key combination “CTRL+P”. This will open the player settings.

Configure Ace Stream Player

Step 3

In the window that appears, click on the section “Video”, located on the left panel.

Step 4

In the dropdown next to “Output”, select “OpenGL video output”.

Configure Ace Stream Player

step 5

Then click on “Save” for the changes to take effect.

Activate the Ace Stream plugin in the browser

Once you have configured the Ace Stream player and connection, you need to configure the browser extension. This will allow you watch free tv broadcasts.

In the event that your browser has blocked the plugin, which is likely, it will need to be activated. To do this, all you have to do is tell the browser that the plugin is safe.

Activate the Ace Stream plugin in the browser

The procedure for doing this may vary depending on the Web navigator that you are using. You can easily find this out on the Internet.

When you’ve finished configuring these three elements, it’s time to start watch Free Internet TV with Ace Stream.

Watch free TV online with Ace Stream

At this point, there are two methods to be able to watch free TV with Ace Stream:

  • Content ID Links
  • IPTV Playlists

The first of these is through the so-called “Content ID” links of Ace Stream.

Watch free TV online with Ace Stream

To watch free TV with an Ace Stream Content ID link, follow this procedure:

Step 1

Open Ace Player and click on the menu “Half”.

Step 2

After that, click on the item “Open Ace Stream Content ID”. Here the system will ask you to enter such a link. If you don’t know how to find it, we’ll explain it to you below.

Watch free TV online with Ace Stream

Step 3

Once you have loaded the Ace Stream Content ID link, the only thing left is to click on the button “Play”. It should be noted that depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the connection to the channel may last more or less time.

Watch free TV online with Ace Stream

Step 4

Once connected, the video will automatically start playing.

In case you find links that start with “acestream://”, you can also use them. But to see them, instead of clicking on “Open Ace Stream Content ID”, you must click on “Open network dump”.

Watch free TV online with Ace Stream

How to find Content ID links for Ace Stream

The easiest way to find Content ID links for Ace Stream is through an internet search. There you will come across a number of pages that offer this type of link.

A simple example of how to find this type of link is by typing in the search engine, which can be Google, Bing or any other “Content ID for Ace Stream football”.

Of course you can change the search for the term you prefer, to suit your search.

Another easy way to find these links for Ace Stream is through Reddit. There you can find dozens of links with the most diverse themes.

A simple example of search Reddit for Content ID links for Ace Stream would “r/soccerstreams” for football matches,

Finding Content ID Links for Ace Stream on Reddit

You can also directly ask other users for these links, they will surely be willing to help you.

To watch free TV with IPTV playlists, follow this procedure:

Ace Player offers the possibility of watching free television over the Internet through m3u playlists, like many other programs of its kind. To do this, follow this procedure:

Step 1

Open Ace Player and click on the menu “Half”.

Step 2

After that, click on the item “Network dump”. Here you will paste the link to the free television channel that you want to view. If you do not know where to find IPTV lists, Below we explain how to find them.

Watch IPTV playlists on AceStream

Step 3

Once you have loaded the link to an IPTV channelthe only thing left to do is click on the button “Play”.

How to Find IPTV Links for Ace Stream

There are many sites dedicated to compiling IPTV links to watch free TV over the Internet. These can be found after a quick search on Bing or Google.

In this sense, some of the most interesting to find IPTV channels are ListIPTVTelevision.

On this site you will find a wide variety of free tv channels ready to see, in Spanish and in other languages.

another place where get IPTV playlists is You can also access TDT Channels, which you can access by clicking on this link.

Here you will find playlists of TV channels from all over the world waiting for you to use.

Find IPTV links for Ace Stream

If you wanted to know more about programs to watch free TV through P2P or IPTV, be sure to visit this link, where you will find super useful information: GUIDE to watch FREE TV on PC