4 ways to make your computer screen bigger


whether you have visual problemsor because you need to visualize a very specific detail of an area of ​​what you are working on on the computer, being able to enlarge the screen is essential in these cases.

That is why for being able to zoom in and out of items on the computer screenThere are multiple alternatives available.

All operating systems have been concerned with incorporating features and functions that are useful for it. But you can also find large number of applications developed in this sense.

What are you going to find here? How to enlarge or reduce the screen in Windows? How to adjust text size in Windows? How to enlarge or reduce the screen in the browser? Applications to enlarge and reduce screen.

For operating systems, Windows offers a very good number of accessibility options available directly from the Control Panel. Among them we can find the following:

  • On-screen keyboard
  • Magnifying glass
  • Storyteller
  • High Contrast Themes

How to adjust text size and zoom in/out on Windows?

If you work with a Windows computer, you can adjust the screen size very easily. With this you can enlarge or reduce the size of objects and text with a single click.

For this you can use different alternativessuch as:

  • Using the mouse
  • Using the keyboard
  • Adjusting Windows settings

Man with glasses using computer

Also if you’re using a notebook, you can do this using the touchpad.

Here we tell you how to do it.

How to use mouse to zoom in/out?

Use the click wheel of the mouse connected to the computer by following these steps:

Step 1

locate the mouse cursor over the sector of the screen that you want to expand.

You can hover over an icon, an open text document, or a web page.

Step 2

Press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard.

CTRL key + mouse wheel to enlarge screen

Step 3

Simultaneously, rotate the mouse scroll wheelwith which you will see that you can enlarge and reduce the display size of objects on the screen.

How to use the keyboard to zoom in/out?

If you wish, you can resort to using the keyboard to carry out the same procedure, and thus be able to zoom in or out of any object on the screen.

Note that this method can be used by almost all applications and web browsers.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Locate anywhere in the Windows desktopor open the document or web page you need to enlarge.

Step 2

Press and hold the CTRL key.

At the same time you must press the plus sign (+) key to enlarge wave minus sign (-) key to reduce text and objects on the screen.

CTRL key + keys + and - to enlarge and shrink screen

Step 3

Once you’ve used it and don’t need to zoom in or out, you can restore normal screen view by pressing and holding the CTRL keywhile pressing on the key of the number zero (0).

How to adjust text size in Windows settings?

If you use Windows 10 you can adjust the text size of everything you see on the screenaccording to your needs.

For this you will have to make a modification in Windows settingsfor which you must do the following:

Step 1

First of all, you should open the Windows Settings pane and there go to the Accessibility settings.

Step 2

You will see that under the option “Make text bigger to enlarge or reduce the size of the text” you will find a slider.

Move the bar until you achieve the desired text size.

Set Windows to enlarge text size

Step 3

Click on the button “Apply”.

Step 4

Then click on the section “Make everything bigger”.

A menu will be displayed where you can choose the size of apps and text on the main screen.

Set Windows to enlarge icons and text

if you use an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows 8you can also set the size at which objects and text are displayed on the screen.

To do this, the method is as follows:

Step 1

Open the Settings pane and go to the section screen settings.

Step 2

In section “Screen in Windows” you must select “Screen”.

Step 3

From there you can choose the appropriate size, selecting from the options “Smallest”, “Medium” or “Largest”.

Set element size in Windows 8

Step 4

Finally press the button “Apply” for the changes to be reflected.

How to use notebook touchpad to zoom in/out?

In case your computer is a laptopwhat you can do is use the touch panel to enlarge and reduce the size of objects and texts on the screen.

The procedure for this is extremely simple. You only have to apply multi-touch gestures on the computer’s touch panel.

To do this you must place two fingers at the same time on the touch panel and move them over the panel as follows:

  • To zoom in or enlarge: spread 2 fingers apart
  • To zoom out or reduce): bring 2 fingers together

Use touchpad to enlarge and shrink screen

For this to work you must activate the touch panel zoom function.

If your notebook has Windows 10 you must do the following:

Step 1

go to the mouse settings and click on the section “Additional mouse options”.

Set mouse to enlarge and shrink screen

Step 2

In additional mouse options go to the mouse tab. touch panel settingswhich can be called ClickPad or TouchPad.

Configure Notebook TouchPad

Step 3

In the mouse properties, click the button ClickPad or TouchPad setup.

Step 4

The next thing will be configure the available options to your liking for gesture settings, scrolling, taps, and touchpad clicks.

Enable touchpad zoom in notebook

If you have a notebook with Windows 8the procedure is the next:

Step 1

Click on the button Windows startup and in the search bar type “mouse”.

Step 2

In the results click on the section “Mouse” of the Control Panel.

Step 3

The window will be displayed “Mouse properties”. There you must click on the tab “Device configuration”.

Step 4

The next thing you should do is click on the synaptics touchpad and then click on the button “Setting”.

Configure touchpad on notebook

step 5

From there you can adjust the touch panel settings through the different options offered by the system, including parameters for scrolling, buttons, touch sensitivity, edge sensitivity and gestures.

In both cases, keep in mind that if you want to disable multi-touch gestures, you will have to go to the mouse properties and uncheck the “Multi-touch gestures” option.

How to enlarge or reduce the screen in the browser?

If you are browsing the internet and need increase the objects and texts displayed on the browser screen, you can do it in a very simple way through the computer keyboard.

The functionality of zoom to enlarge and reduce the screen it works in almost all web browsers in the same way.

The steps are the following:

Step 1

Press and hold the CTRL key.

Step 2

Simultaneously, click on the “+” key with which will expand the size than what the web browser displays.

If you want to continue enlarging, you just have to continue pressing the same combination of keys as many times as you deem necessary.

CTRL key + keys + and - to enlarge and shrink the screen

Step 3

If you want reduce the size of what is shown on the screen, you just have to press and hold the CTRL key and in this case press at the same time The key “-“. This will reduce the size of what the browser displays.

Change screen resolution with Windows

If you want to resize everything on your computer screen without having to use the mouse or keyboard combinations to do so, you can change the resolution of the Windows screen.

At this point you should keep in mind that the higher the screen resolution, the higher the quality with which the elements that appear on it are displayed. But also at lower resolution, those objects will look bigger.

Types of screen resolutions

You should also keep in mind that the resolution of the screen It will depend on the resolutions that your monitor supports.as well also depending on video card who owns your computer.

If you want change screen resolution You must perform the steps detailed below:

Step 1

Click on the Start button and click on the “Setting”.

Step 2

Now you must click on the section “System”, after which you should click on the item “Screen”.

Step 3

Next to the section “Resolution” you will find a dropdown list.

Set screen resolution

Click on it and move the slider up to the resolution you want.

Step 4

When finished, click on the button “Apply”.

If you want to use this new resolution, you must click on the “Keep” option, and in case you want to return to the previous resolution, you only have to click on the “Revert” option.

Apps to zoom in/out

As we have already seen, Windows Magnifier is an indispensable tool if you have vision problems, since it allows you increase text and screen size and thus read small texts clearly.

Nevertheless, sometimes the magnifying glass may not be enoughsince being really simple does not include extra functions that make it a more productive and functional tool.

Features of Windows Magnifier

Then you can resort to some of the most interesting alternatives which we present to you below. these apps They have been selected, in the first place, by offer more features than the original Windows Magnifier, and then for being free.

Virtual Magnifying Glass

It is a tool of open source screen magnification and that includes interesting options.

One of the best features of the application is that it allows you to use the mouse directly as a magnifying glass tool. With this you will be able to enlarge everything that is under the mouse cursor hover.

Also, once you run Virtual Magnifying Glassis easily usable by double clicking on its icon, located in the system tray.

Virtual Magnifying Glass Screen Zoom App

Some main features of the application are the following:

  • Achieves a variable scale factor from 1x to 32x
  • Zoom settings from the application control panel
  • Does not require DirectX
  • Does not require a special video card
  • Provides information on RGB values ​​of the central pixel
  • It has support for multi-monitor
  • Available for different platforms, including different versions of Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Virtual Magnifying Glass Screen Zoom App

if you want to try Virtual Magnifying Glassyou can do it by downloading the application completely free of charge from this link.


This is another free screen magnification tool and that also has the benefit of being portable.

For this reason, you can take the application wherever you like on a flash drive or memory card.

Screen zoom app clZoom

Between his main features the following stand out:

  • Allows you to enlarge the screen up to 1600%
  • It has a variable scale factor is from 1x to 16x
  • Can be used from keyboard or mouse
  • Support for multiple monitor setups
  • Allows you to configure the parameters for the automatic update in the timer, from 5 milliseconds to 10 seconds
  • Automatically save preferences

Screen zoom app clZoom

If you want, you can try for free clZoom downloading it from this link.


As its name anticipates, ZoomIt is a zoom tool That included in the Sysinternals Suite packa series of tools designed for the more advanced Windows user.

In it you will find a large number of options that will allow you to increase the screen in the way that best suits your needs.

Screen Zoom App ZoomIt

The main features of the application are:

  • Allows you to configure keyboard shortcuts
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out
  • Includes “LiveZoom” and “Draw” functions for on-screen annotation

It should be noted that by default, the zoom is triggered when you press the key combination CTRL + 1. To exit Zoom mode you must press the “Escape” key or the right mouse button.

Screen Zoom App ZoomIt

However, keep in mind that you can configure shortcuts as best suits you.

If you want, you can try ZoomIt downloading it completely free of charge from this link.


If what you are looking for is a light and easy to use tool, then it is best to use MouseZoom.

This app allows you turn the mouse into a magnifying glass tool really powerful and effective.

Screen Zoom App MouseZoom

Some salient features of the tool are as follows:

  • It has a variable scale factor is from 2x to 50x
  • Zoom is applied specifically to the area of ​​the screen where the mouse cursor is located
  • Provides information about the RGB of objects being enlarged
  • Show color value in HEX, HLS, CMYK, such as a color dropper and distance analyzer
  • It is a Freeware tool
  • Does not require installation
  • Does not modify the registry or files outside of its own directories
  • Requires 50 Kb free on the hard drive to work
  • It can be used on new and old versions of Windows, on MacOS and on Linux

Screen Zoom App MouseZoom

If you are interested in trying the application, you can download it for free at this link.