Free TV with MediaPortal


In recent years, the supply of visual content offered by the Internet has grown incredibly. It is only necesary watch youtube growth or from the main film and series platforms such as Netflix or HBO.

And best of all, you can watch it right on your computer or phone! With this amount of images to see it is almost impossible for you to get bored in your free time.

Nevertheless, this offer lacks the touch of magic that only television can provide. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the fun of television could be combined with the comfort of the computer?

If possible. And also in a simple way, free and with an incredible quality.

How can you do this? Simple. Using MediaPortal, a completely free program that also offers you the possibility of having a true multimedia center on your PC.

What are you going to find here? How to download, install and configure MediaPortal to watch TV. Free TV channels for MediaPortal. Advantages and disadvantages of MediaPortal and much more info!

What is Media Portal?

One of the most important features of MediaPortal is the possibility of being able to watch free tv online.

However, nothing else remains in it. This impressive application offers dozens of advantages that make it one of the favorites when it comes to build a dedicated HTPC.

Also when converting any computer into a complete entertainment center.

If you do not want build an HTPC, but if you want to have an entertainment center with hundreds of great features, MediaPortal is the solution. In addition to watch iptv tv, with it you will be able to see or listen to any content you have on your computer, without ever leaving the same interface.

TV with audio system

MediaPortal began development in 2004 as a fork of XBMC, currently known as Kodi. The project followed its own path until completely detaching itself from its origin, with its own characteristics and advantages.

Just like Kodi, MediaPortal It already has its good time developing. For this reason, its stability and capacity are legendary, in short, the two main objectives that must be taken into account when looking for a multimedia center.

In the same way, With MediaPortal there is no audio or video file format that cannot be played.

MediaPortal, in a few words, is a program to convert, momentarily or forever, any Windows PC into a media center, which you can extend its functions through add-ons or plugins.

These plugins allow you to obtain services that are not included in the base installation of MediaPortal.

Some examples of this are the possibility of watch videos online on youtube or other services, listen to music from Spotify and play games directly from the interface.

View of the MediaPortal screen

And the best of all is that you can enjoy IPTV television and all the contents you have on your computer without leaving the same program. It couldn’t be more comfortable!

How does MediaPortal work?

MediaPortal uses the same mode of operation as Kodi. That is to say that from the base installation it has certain abilities, such as the ability to watch videos, listen to music, view photos and much more.

From the installation it also has tools to order and classify all this content by genre, artists, year and other categories.

Nevertheless, the best of MediaPortal is found in its plugins. The more plugins you install to MediaPortal, the more useful it becomes.

MediaPortal accounts with plugins to watch series, movies and much more.

But if you are reading this post, then the most important thing for you right now is to watch TV!

Watch Netflix on MediaPortal

Of course, for this MediaPortal also has a plugin to watch free television on IPTV.

Later in this post you will learn how to download, install and use this plugin.

Advantages and disadvantages of MediaPortal

All media center software has its advantages and disadvantages. And of course MediaPortal too. If you want to know what they are, just keep reading.

Advantages of MediaPortal

One of the things that draws the attention of MediaPortal is the simplicity of use. Everything you want to see is within a couple of clicks of the remote. Well organized and detailed, the content you have selected to display will be there, ready to use.

For this to be this way, much has to be done. see the high level of customization of MediaPortal. In this sense, the program includes a truly impressive gallery of skins.

These topics will allow you adjust the appearance of MediaPortal in the way that suits you best or you like. The only thing you have to do to show off one of these amazing themes is to select it from the gallery and apply it.

TV Streams on MediaPortal

On the other hand, it is always said that MediaPortal and programs of this type come with just what is necessary so that the experience is not negative. In other words, everything else you need must be downloaded in the form of a plugin.

Contrary to what many think, this is not a fault, but a virtue. That is to say, why do you want a program full of functions and options that you are not going to use?

Isn’t it preferable to install precisely what you need?

If MediaPortal came with all the available plugins installed it would be impossible to use it, or at least you would need a NASA computer to be able to do it. The offer of plugins for MediaPortal is surprising, and covers practically all needs.

Coming MediaPortal with just enough, you get two things. The first, that the program works lighter, and the second a clean interface to focus only on what you like to see.

And yes, it also offers several add-ons so you can watch free TV online in the easiest way possible.

Listen to music on MediaPortal

Another advantage offered by MediaPortal is the possibility of cataloging all your content automatically. That is to say that all your movies, music albums, series and will be cataloged so that they appear with their respective covers and pertinent information.

Last but not least, is that MediaPortal is free software, licensed under the GNU/GPL. This fact assures you of two things.

The first is that they will not be spying on you or doing telemetry. The second is that the software is super stable and has been tested by hundreds of people before reaching your PC.

Disadvantages of MediaPortal

For many, programs like MediaPortal are very complicated to configure. In this case, it is unfortunately true. It’s not that it’s impossible to do, but the configuration of some items is a bit confusing.

An example of this is when add the contents to the different categories of MediaPortal. Either way, it’s not something that can’t be mastered with a little time and a few MediaPortal tutorials on the net.

Another downside of MediaPortal is consuming more resources than most programs of its kind. That is to say, you will have to have a good computer if you want to make it work with all its features enabled. This for example does not happen with Kodi.

Kodi is cross-platform

This means that if you use a computer for everything, that is, for your daily tasks, playing games and also watch IPTV television with MediaPortal, the computer must have a good processor and enough RAM.

In addition, and it is worth noting, MediaPortal installation is somewhat slow and cumbersome. A downside, at least by today’s ease-of-use parameters.

This is because you have to download and install several hundred megabytes of programs and settings. So it’s time to wait patiently!

Finally, you should keep in mind that MediaPortal only has a version for Windows. This means that if you are going to use it to build an HTPC, there are no problems. But in the event that your computer has Linux or MacOS, you will not be able to use it on these types of computers.

Use MediaPortal on TV

Where to download MediaPortal?

Nowadays, the security of your computer must be taken seriously. You should know that downloading programs from any source can be dangerous, due to viruses and other threats.

In this sense, it is always preferable that the programs you choose to install on your PC, download them from their official sites. That is why it is best download MediaPortal from its developers page.

Downloading MediaPortal from there offers you the security that the executable has not been tampered with in any way.

As you know, there are sites that take famous programs like these and they pack them in new containers with a “surprise”. At this point you must be very careful where you download your programs from!

To avoid problems of this type then click on this link:

Download MediaPortal to watch TV online for free

Now, what is mentioned, does not mean that all download sites cheat like this. exist many legitimate software download websites and that they will not give you any kind of problems.

The clarification is valid for unknown sites and also for personal websites, since you do not know what intentions they may have.

Now that we agree on where to download MediaPortal, you must carry out the following steps:

Step 1

Once on the official page, you scroll to “download”. On the page your browser loads, you scroll down until you reach “Download Media Portal 1”.

Download Media Portal

Step 2

Click on the option “Media Portal 1”

Step 3

After this, the program will start downloading automatically.

How to download and install MediaPortal?

Once you have downloaded MediaPortal to your PC, you should start with the installation. To do this, follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is go to the folder “Downloads”. At this point, it should be noted that the installer is compressed. But you can unzip it with your favorite software like 7Zip, WinRAR or WinZIP.

Step 2

Once you have unzipped the installer, double click on “MediaPortal_Setup_1.29_Release.exe”. With this movement the installation of the program will begin. It should be noted that this name may vary according to the latest version developed.

MediaPortal executable file

Step 3

When the installation starts, one of the first things you have to do is change the default language. In this case, to change to Spanish, you just have to select it from the dropdown.

Step 4

Next, a new window will appear, in which you must choose between two options. The first one is if you want start with the installation, Or simply download the necessary components.

Install MediaPortal

At this point you should choose the first option “Start now with the installation”.

with this option everything necessary for MediaPortal to install correctly will be downloadedand you can enjoy all its advantages without causing problems.

step 5

On the new screen that appears, you can choose whether to use MediaPortal to watch TV or not. Obviously you will select the first option.

Configure MediaPortal to watch TV

step 6

To start the installation, in the next window you will have to select if you want the system to take care of everything or do it yourself. If you do not have experience in the subject of multimedia centers, it is best to choose the option “Perform One Click Installation”.

Install MediaPortal

This option will install and configure everything without you having to lift a finger. Fantastic!

Before we begin, there is still one more step to go. Install the LAV filters. Select it if it is not and then click on “Following”.

Install MediaPortal

Step 7

From this point, MediaPortal displays a window in which you can see all the download and installation progress. To start downloading and installing all the necessary components, press the button “Following”.

This can be a bit slow, so go make yourself something to eat or drink to pass the time.

Install MediaPortal

step 8

At one point in the installation, the Windows firewall It will ask you if you accept input connections from MediaPortal to set up the TV. Of course you have to click on “Allow access”.

Install MediaPortal

step 9

You have reached the end. On the last installation screen that appears, with the legend “Congratulations”, press “Leave” to finish the process.

Install MediaPortal

How to use MediaPortal to watch TV step by step?

Once the installation is complete, click on the MediaPortal icon on your desktop. Once you do, you’ll realize that unfortunately, the MediaPortal configuration he won’t forget about you yet.

Prior to start watching free TV with MediaPortal, you have to configure a few more things. This is the initial configuration, and it helps you to make the program work as it suits you best.

Choose mode in MediaPortal

In the box that appears, select “Standard mode”, so as not to complicate you. After that, a rather complicated configuration window will appear. Here you can select and change various MediaPortal settings.

MediaPortal Configuration

However, if you don’t know which parameter to modify, it doesn’t matter, you can close that window and continue with the MediaPortal startup.

MediaPortal Configuration

Now yes. At this point you will already be in the MediaPortal main window.

MediaPortal screen view

Now all that remains is to download and install the plugin to watch IPTV television over the Internetwhich we will talk about later.

But first, you need to follow the instructions given below.

Install the Add-on to watch IPTV television on MediaPortal

To install the plugin for watch TV for free on MediaPortal, Do the following:

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is click on the icon of the “Media Portal Extension Manager”.

Install MediaPortal manager extension

There look for the extension “MediaPortal IPTV filter and url source splitter”.

Step 2

To install the extension click on the button “Install”.

Install extensions in MediaPortal

Step 3

In the dialog box that appears, click on “Yes”.

Install extensions in MediaPortal

Step 4

At this point, the extension manager will start downloading everything you need to be able to watch free Internet TV.

step 5

In the last window that appears, select “Finish”.

Install the Add-on to watch IPTV television on MediaPortal

step 5

To have channels free internet television on MediaPortal, you must do the following:

step 6

Click on “TV Server Configuration”.

TV Server Configuration in MediaPortal

Step 7

Then, in the section “TV servers”, Choose “DVB-IP MediaPortal IPTV Source Filter”

step 8

Then in the dropdown next to “Service”, Select one of the available options.

TV Server Configuration in MediaPortal

step 9

In order to have more options of free Internet television channels in MediaPortal, you have to download some M3U playlists for IPTV. From where? We will explain it to you later.

Now what we will tell you is the procedure to do it.

Add IPVT channel lists to MediaPortal

Step 1

Download the iptv channel list what else do you like. Copy them.

Step 2

Open Windows Explorer and go to this location:

C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\TuningParameters\dvbip

It should be noted that you must first enable the view of hidden files. You can do this from the same Explorer, in the option “View>Hidden elements”.

Add IPVT channel lists to MediaPortal

Step 3

Once there, paste the files from m3u playlists that you just copied.

Close Windows Explorer.

Step 4

Opens “TV Server Configuration”. Go to the section “TV Servers” and select again “DVB-IP MediaPortal IPTV Source Filter”.

step 5

Finally, in the dropdown next to “Service”, you will find the free TV channels that you just installed.

Watch TV for free with MediaPortal

Once you have installed the plugin and installed your favorite TV channel lists in MediaPortal, what you have to do to watch free television is the following:

Step 1

On the main MediaPortal screen, click on “TV”. In that section you have all free tv channels that you have downloaded in the IPTV playlist.

Access free TV channels with MediaPortal

Step 2

To see a channel from that list, just click on it and wait for it to connect to the server. It will appear as a thumbnail in the same window, but if you want to see it full screen, all you have to do is select it.

Watch TV channels with MediaPortal

Step 3

In full screen, with the space bar you can pause or resume the display. With the right mouse button, you will get a menu in which you can select a series of playback options.

TV guide menu in MediaPortal

How to find free TV channels for MediaPortal?

M3U IPTV playlists are basically container files that store Internet addresses. These addresses contain access to be able to watch free TV online.

The best feature of these playlists is that they can be used in any type of program that has been developed for this purpose.

In this sense, MediaPortal, Ace Stream, Kodi or Megacubo are perfect examples.

With these IPTV playlists you can watch all kinds of content, including series, movies, both for children and adults, news channels, and FREE live football matches!

Find TV channels on MediaPortal

And you shouldn’t limit yourself to your region or language, because you can get free tv channels from all over the world.

The only thing you need to have to have this marvel is a fast internet connection.

This is more than anything so that you can enjoy the content without interruptions and with good image quality.

Where do I get my IPTV lists?

Most likely at this point you are wondering where you can find playlists to watch free tv. Fortunately, finding them is quite easy.

Basically you can find iptv playlists on any site dedicated to this. However, you should be careful where you download from. That is, you must follow the same security guidelines as when you download a program.

Being careful where you download will avoid problems or disappointments, such as empty lists or with illegal content.

A free TV playlist can be found by searching Google or Bing with channels such as “IPTV playlists” either “free IPTV television channels”.

Although the compilation of TV channels in this type of list is illegal, the truth is that your search is not.

But finding good playlists can sometimes be an ordeal. This is basically because lists may be out of date, You must not forget that these lists to watch free television are made by a community, which puts all the effort possible.

Watch free TV on MediaPortal

Nevertheless, broadcasts can disappear overnight due to legal issues. It also often happens that the list’s authors no longer have the resources to keep them running.

Therefore, when a channel does not work, do not get anxious, remember that it is completely free for you. All this means that you must have patience if you want enjoy free television on your computer.

Paid and free IPTV lists

Of course, if you want to have a perfect user experience, you can always buy a playlist of Internet TV channels.

Now if you don’t have the budget you can, with a little patience, watch the same channels and with good definition, it’s just a matter of finding the right place where download good lists to watch tv.

There are a few sites to download a playlist, however, few are serious or take good care of the lists they make.

In this sense, ListIPTVTelevision is one of the best. Here you can find IPTV lists to watch television channels in Spanish, among many other lists. In addition, they are always well organized and their lists are constantly updated.

Paid and free IPTV lists for MediaPortal

You can also access DTT Channelswhere you can find playlists of television channels to watch for free from around the world.

If you want to know the answer to the question How to watch TV on my PC? We suggest you visit our article where you will find the most detailed information: GUIDE to watch FREE TV on PC