Photoscape X: Easy Download!


With the possibility that we currently have of taking photographs thanks to the cameras installed in practically all the devices that we have, it was not necessary that too much time had passed for users to require a way to be able to edit them to adjust these photographs to their needs, from remove the red eyes, insert texts, change the color, make a collage or reduce the size of an image to make it an avatar to use in forums and social networks, among many other needs.

The first option for editing your photos that most users think of is undoubtedly Photoshop., however, this is a program for professional use and very complex to use, with a very high learning curve. It is also not free, as it costs a good amount of dollars. Also a common user would not use even 10% of Photoshop features, Therefore, it is a rather disproportionate option when we balance its cost and use of resources, if we are not professional graphic designers or carry out any activity related to art.

Taking these considerations into account, the best alternative for users who only want to do a little editing of their photos is a simpler program, but that at the same time offers what is necessary and is completely free. In this sense, the app to edit photos that comes closest to meeting these requirements is PhotoScape, simply spectacular software.

What is Photoscape?

PhotoScape is a very easy-to-use photo editing program and that also offers a large number of options and spectacular features with which enhance any photo that we have taken with the camera of the cell phone, the tablet or the compact digital camera.

It also includes a very interesting amount of filters with which to change the appearance of a photo in a few seconds, among which stand out “Cinema”, “Old Photo” Y “Vignettes”. It also offers a large number of frames and other functions with which to turn a photo into practically a work of art. Also PhotoScape is completely in Spanish.

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Regarding the interface of PhotoScape, It is easy to understand and use one of its main features being the main screen, from which we can choose the type of task we want to do with our photos directly from the circular menu.

We can also do the same thing directly from the menu, which is separated into the various options that PhotoScape offers. The first of them “Viewfinder”, It offers us the possibility of seeing the photos contained in a certain folder.

The second option, “Editor” is where the magic happens. There, just by dragging any photo from the left panel to the right panel, we can select various filters and frames. In addition we have various tools to rotate, crop, remove red eye, add frames, geometric figures and add text to a photo, among other options.

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The third item, “Batch editor” It allows us to edit a set of photos so that they have the same brightness and contrast characteristics, among other options. The fourth option is “Page”, that offers us the possibility of placing multiple photographs on the same page. “Combine”, the fifth item, allows us to easily combine multiple photos.

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The sixth menu item, “Gifani”, It allows us to make an animated GIF with our photos in a really simple way, just by dragging them.

The last item, “To print”, It offers us the possibility of placing multiple photos on a page automatically and sending them to a printer.

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Download PhotoScape in Spanish

To get PhotoScape in Spanish, all we have to do is sign in with our favorite browser to this site, where we will click on the button Download Now. As for the language, we should not worry, since the installer will select the appropriate one based on the language of our operating system.

Photoscape portable

Portable programs are the best alternative for all those who need optimize space on your devices, especially when we have SSD-type storage disks, which generally offer little space, around 120 Gb.

In this scenario, each byte of space must be used in the most intelligent way possible, and one way to help us in this is as we mentioned portable programs, applications that do not require installation and that can also be stored on a memory card or flash drive and be used from these media with all its fully functional features and options.

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In this sense, we can find portable versions of PhotoScape, Although they are not official, the truth is that they offer the same experience but with the advantage of being portable.

If you wish, you can download PhotoScape portable for free by pressing about this link.

Photoscape for Android

Unfortunately, there is no version of PhotoScape for the Android platform, however, we can find other photo editors with similar features and functions to those offered by PhotoScape. One of them is Snapseed, a photo editing app for Android developed by Googlewhich is also a guarantee of quality and good operation.

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Among the features of Snapseed, the function “autocorrect”, which is capable of automatically correct contrast, “Adjust image”, feature that provides an easy way to optimize the saturation, hue, and white balance of an image and “selective adjustment”, function with which we can refine the color and light of a certain area of ​​the image. It also offers editing tools to be able to crop and rotate.

Likewise, Snapseed, in the best PhotoScape style, offers an excellent collection of filters and frames, among which “Grunge”, “Drama” Y “Vintage”, among others.

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If you wish, you can download Snapseed for free by pressing about this link.

photoscape online

Another of the most comfortable ways to use a program when we have space problems or simply do not want to install anything on the computer, are the online programs, which generally provide a large number of features and excellent performance.

Unfortunately, there is no version of PhotoScape online, however, we can find dozens of services as good as this one. One of them is undoubtedly befunkya online photo editor that has nothing to envy to PhotoScape, since it offers a number of filters and frames, effects and much more.

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At BeFunky, all these tools are at your fingertips, including the ability to add text to a photo, superimpose elements on a photo, combine and much more.
Without a doubt, a good PhotoScape replacement when we do not have at hand a computer where this program is installed.

If you wish, you can access BeFunky clicking on this link.

What is PhotoScapeX?

Basically, PhotoScape X is the latest version that we can find of this fabulous photo editing app, which includes a series of changes to update it and renew some of its features to adapt them to the needs of current users, such as integration with the Windows application store.

Not that PhotoScape was short on features or functions, as it has hundreds of options to get you started with any photo job. The fundamental difference between PhotoScape and PhotoScape X it is the advanced functions that this latest version provides, such as improvements in the possibility of adjusting the perspective of photos, working with 3D images, modifying the white balance and red-eye correction, very useful for when we take selfies.

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PhotoScape X, like many professional apps of its kind, offers many features with which we can apply all kinds of effects to our photographs, in addition to the possibility of being able to crop the photos or modify their size. Another interesting feature is that we can carry out these actions in batches, that is, simultaneously with many photographs. Also, PhotoScape X has its own screen capture system, so we don’t have to depend on Windows tools or third-party applications.

In addition, it offers us tools to create stickers for WhatsApp easy, the collage function and many other very interesting features. Undoubtedly, a fairly large range of options to consider it a top-of-the-line graphic design program, with functions that we can only find in other professional graphic design applications, and much more expensive. At this point we must clarify that PhotoScape X is completely free.

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It has also improved the photo gallery, which allows us to organize all our photos, and from there, to be able to make a collage style composition, which makes our work much easier, since we won’t have to go location by location compiling the images that we want to include in the composition, saving us a good amount of time and effort.

Photoscape X for Windows 10

However, there is no doubt that the best feature of PhotoScape X is that it is completely integrated into the Windows app store, that is to say that it is an authentic UWP (Universal Windows Platform) type app, better known as applications “Universal Windows Platform”.

This fact offers us a series of quite interesting advantages, the first of which is that we will not have to search for the app through download sites, which will will ensure that the version of PhotoScape X that we are installing on our computer is completely safe, since Microsoft store apps are checked for viruses and other threats.

Another of the undeniable advantages of PhotoScape X is the ease of use. Just like the Standard version, its more modern brother is very easy to use, even for users who don’t have solid knowledge in graphic design, which makes it an ideal app to start making our own designs.

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This has a lot to do with the user interface, where we will find all the functions of PhotoScape X ordered in a very intuitive way, what’s more, as soon as we run this design application, the first thing we have to select is the type of work we want to do, and the program will automatically have all the tools to carry out the selected task, without options of more that can confuse more novice users. However, if we want the program to offer a more standard interface, we can modify this behavior in the preferences.

To start modifying our photos, on the left side of the PhotoScape X interface we will find a file browser, through which we can move through our storage units until we find the location where we have our photos stored.

After finding the location, all that remains is to drag one of the images that we have selected in the left panel to the center. Then in the PhotoScape X main screen we will find a fairly large menu of options, with which we will be able to carry out all the necessary actions to retouch or improve our photos. The best thing about this is that the options have unequivocal names, that is, if we want to make a collage, we must click on the option “Collage”, and so on with all the other options.

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Download Photoshop X

Downloading PhotoScape X is really simple, fundamentally because it is a UWP-type application, which means that we can find it directly in the Windows store, without having to access download sites, which many times if we don’t look closely , we can end up being victims of some contagion with viruses or other threats.

if we want download photoscape x easy, From this point we offer you all the necessary steps to do it in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is run windows store, what we can do by clicking on its icon or writing “Store” either “Store” in the search box on the taskbar.

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Step 2

Once the Windows Store is running, we type “Photoscape X” in the search space of the store, located in the upper right corner of the app, and press the “Enter” key.

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Step 3

At this point we will already be on the page of Download PhotoScape X from the Windows Store. To start downloading and installing the app, all we have to do is click on the button “Get”.

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Step 4

To conclude the operation, on the next page we must click on the button “Install”.

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After that, PhotoScape will start installing on our system. At this point, we have to clarify that it is a heavy download, about 340 Mb, so the download time will depend on the quality of the Internet connection we have, for which we may have to be patient.

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step 5

Once PhotoScape is installed on our computer, we can start it directly from the button “Start”. For subsequent times, we will find PhotoScape in the Windows start menu, like any other application that we have installed.

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PhotoScape or PhotoScape X?

PhotoScape and PhotoScape X are two excellent tools as they offer a significant number of tools and photo retouch options that we can only see in other professional programs. If we add to this that PhotoScape is free, we have a combo with a good chance of becoming an essential actor in our arsenal.

As to whether there are noticeable differences in performance or capacity between the two versions of PhotoScape, the truth is that practically none, the most noticeable difference between them is that we can install PhotoScape X practically from the Windows start menu, while we have to search for and download PhotoScape from external sites, with everything that this entails.