How to download, install and use CCleaner


All users who know even a little about the operation of their operating system will surely agree that every so often it is really necessary to do a deep cleaning and optimization of it, since in this way we will be ensuring that the operation and performance will always be adequate in any of the situations in which we use our computer. A computer clean of junk files is a computer that is capable of delivering its maximum performance.

Taking this into consideration, perform a deep cleaning of our operating system Manually these days is a nightmare, as there are hundreds of thousands of files that have to be scanned and deleted, a truly never-ending task. This is where calls come into play. pc optimizer apps, software that allows us to carry out this task automatically, that is, without us having to intervene at all. In this sense, One of the best applications to optimize a PC is, without a doubt, CCleaner.

With CCleaner we can make a cleaning and deep optimization of our PC to leave it as when we just installed it with minimal effort and with the certainty that CCleaner will do a good job. That is why from this point we will know how download, install and use CCleaner like a pro.

What is CCleaner?

As we mentioned, hundreds of thousands of files are stored on our computer every day, including temporary Internet files, system configuration files, browser cookies, logs of installed and uninstalled programs, backup data, browser history, and many more. other types of files. Therefore, It is likely that from a certain moment our computer begins to show signs of slowness, generating more waiting time every time you turn on the computer, we want to open a program or use a file. Cleaning up all this mess is a daunting task, impossible to do without the right tools.

This is where CCleaner reveals itself to be an invaluable help for this, mainly due to the large number of features it offers. Basically, CCleaner is a totally free system cleaner program that is capable of optimizing the system by removing all unnecessary files from the computer, making the operating system work much faster and, as a consequence, returning its original performance and also recovering valuable space on our hard drive. CCleaner is an abbreviation of the English words “crap cleaner” which in Spanish means “waste cleaner”

Yes, we are looking for a program to clean our PC, CCleaner is the best, and if we follow the instructions below, we will be able to download and install it on our computer in the easiest way, and also for free.

Download CCleaner

Traditionally, the version of CCleaner that is available to download and use completely free of charge is the latest, that is to say that we will always have the most recent news. It should be noted that this version is the basic one, however, everything it offers is more than enough for the needs of a common user, who will use the program on a work or home PC.

For download and install CCleanerwe must follow the steps detailed below.

Step 1

We access the official CCleaner download page by clicking on this link.

Step 2

Once on the site, click on the option “Free download”, after which the installer of the latest version of CCleaner will begin to download.

Step 3

Once the file has been downloaded to the folder “Downloads” of our computer, we access it and click on the recently created executable. This will start installing CCleaner on our system.

Step 4

At this point we must accept the Windows warning and continue with the installation. To do this, in the window that appears later, first click on the language selector located in the upper right corner of it, and select “Spanish”.

After that, click on the button “Install”.

step 5

In the next window, the installer will offer us the possibility to install other software. Depending on our needs, we click on “Decline” either “To accept”. If we click on “Decline”, the other software will not be installed, but we will continue with the installation of CCleaner.

Step 6

After that, the installation will start, which will end after a few seconds. In the last window that appears, we can run CCleaner directly, which will perform some checks on our system.

How to use CCleaner

Once we have finished install ccleaner, and the software has finished performing the checks, we will be ready to use the program. Basically CCleaner is divided into two panels, the one on the left, which contains the options, and the one on the right, which shows the parameters of the action to be carried out or the results of the tasks carried out.

Dashboard Health Check

In this first panel we can obtain, with a few clicks of the mouse, the general state of the equipment in terms of the software problems and system files in general, the ones that will be displayed at the bottom of the main window. To automatically solve the detected problems, including security, space and other problems, all we have to do is click on the button “Improve it.”

Custom Cleanup pane

The custom cleaning panel allows us fix all the problems found by CCleaner in a slightly more manual way, which offers us the possibility of choosing what is eliminated and what remains. A very useful option for those slightly more advanced users.

Log pane

In the Registry panel, we will find everything necessary to clean any problems that the Windows registry could have with file extensions, dynamic libraries, installers, obsolete programs, cache and many other aspects. To be able to use it, the first thing we have to do is click on the button “Look for trouble”. When the system finishes, we click on the button “Fix Selected Issues” to solve all the problems found.

Tools Pane

In this panel we will find everything necessary to solve any problem that we could have with the applications installed on the system and its resources. It also offers us the possibility of carrying out some tasks with the characteristics of the system, such as remove programs that start with Windows, a search engine for duplicate files, which will help us to make more space on our storage units, a disk analyzer and other tools, such as the Context Menu Item Manager, a tool that allows us to easily manage any element added by third-party applications in the Windows interface, something that we had to do with an external tool. Being included in CCleaner, we can now remove leftover applications from our system.

The new context menu manager built-in with CCleaner gives the user two options for handling context menu entries: “Deactivate” Y “Remove”.

In case we select “Deactivate” Basically what we are doing is hiding the item from the menu list, which can be extremely useful in the event that we do not know exactly if we are going to want to use the item again in our system.

In case we select “Erase”, the item will be permanently removed from our context menu, meaning that we won’t be able to use it again unless we install the original program that placed it there.

The last two panels “Options” Y “To update”, are specific to the operation of CCleaner. on the dashboard “Options” we can exclude folders from the scans, schedule a time for CCleaner to start, the software’s own configuration and some other features. on the dashboard “To update” we will have available all the tools to update to the paid version or to the most recent version.

No doubt CCleaner is one of the best tools on the market to optimize Windows, and also to easily solve any problem that could occur in the system. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need the best for your PC, don’t hesitate for a second CCleaner is the answer to your needs.