How to disable and remove OneDrive from Windows


After the reduction of storage space from 15 Gb. to 5 Gb. that Microsoft carried out in its OneDrive service a few years ago, precisely at the beginning of 2016, a measure highly questioned by its public and media alike and that shook millions who use the service daily, its users began a massive exodus from the platform to other less capricious and stable spaces, removing all traces of this from their computers and devices. cloud storage service.

Microsoft took a long time to regain the trust of its mass of users, however, with the passage of time and hard work of trying to do things properly, Microsoft has managed to get its users to trust its products and services again . That is why again OneDrive, Microsoft’s online storage service It is one of the most used, although part of it may be due to the fact that it is completely integrated into Windows.

Either way, although OneDrive is an excellent platform for online storage or is integrated with Windows, offers support for other operating systems such as iOS, Mac OS and Android, in addition to its web service, which we can access from any browser and operating system.

However, that does not mean that it has to satisfy us completely. There are many reasons why we can want to disable OneDrive, and that is why in this article we will know all the possible ways to remove OneDrive from the computer.

I want to disable OneDrive

OneDrive is one of the best online storage services that exist today, this is mainly due to its many features, some of the best being its complete and transparent integration with Windows, ease of use, its support for operating systems from most used desktop and mobile phones such as Android, Mac OS, iOS and Windows, in addition to its capacity, 15 Gb, which is more than enough for most user requirements, if the service is not used for the storage of music or movie collectionsjust documents.

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However, despite all the advantages it offers, the truth is that we may have our reasons why you want to disable OneDrive from Windows, such as that we do not use online storage or use another service that offers us better benefits or is more in line with our activity.

In this sense, the last of the reasons is perhaps the most probable cause for us to want remove OneDrive from Windows. Unfortunately, not all our contacts use the same tools as us, which implies a compatibility problem, since some of them will use Telegram, others Skype and us WhatsAppfor which we will always be forced to have applications in our system that we do not want to have in order to work or maintain contact with them.

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This is the case with online storage as well. As we know, In many areas, the most used means of saving and sharing files in the cloud is Dropbox., another excellent service, but it is not at all compatible with OneDrive, which is also not popular in these areas. This forces us to have the client of said service installed on our computer and using resources. Let’s imagine now that we also have contacts with whom we share documents and work through Google Drive. This implies having 3 online storage services, which translates into 3 clients, and many busy resources of our system, which we can use for another task.

In case we want disable OneDrive In order to focus on other storage services, more in line with our needs or those of our contacts, friends or clients, we can always remove it from our system, thanks to the simple instructions detailed below.

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According to Microsoft, uninstalling OneDrive is impossible, since it is part of the operating system in an indivisible way. However, there is a simple and practical way to do it, and it will not bring us any kind of problem.

This method for disable OneDrive completely from our computer It varies according to the version of Windows 10 that we have installed on our PC, but we should not worry about this aspect since we have contemplated this angle as well, including the procedure for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise, among others.

Windows 10 Home users

The first thing we have to do to deactivating OneDrive from Windows 10 is to unlink it from our team, which we can do easily by performing the following procedure:

Step 1

Right-click on the OneDrive icon in the notification area and select the option “Setting”.

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Step 2

In this window we will have to uncheck some checkboxes. Click on the tab “Setting” and then click on the box “Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows” to deactivate it.

Step 3

After that, click on the tab “Bill” and press the button “Unlink OneDrive”.

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With this we will achieve OneDrive no longer starts on Windows startup and that the folder will be disconnected from File Explorer.

Erase all traces of OneDrive

Despite with the procedures carried out we have eliminated the OneDrive service, traces of it still remain, for example the folder that appears in the left pane of the explorer window.

Deleting this annoying folder is a bit more difficult, and it is necessary to use the Windows Registry Editor to carry it outHowever, it is a task that does not require too much time or too much knowledge.

Step 1

For delete OneDrive folder from Windows 10, what we have to do press the key combination “Win + R”, which will immediately open the box “Run”, where we will write “regedit” (without the quotes).

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Step 2

It is possible that we receive some type of warning, but we can avoid them by pressing the button “To accept”.

Step 3

Once the Windows Registry Editor is running, we will need to search for a registry key, which we can easily do with the key combination “Ctrl + F”. IN the box that appears, write or copy the following text:


This will immediately take us to the correct key.

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Step 4

At this point, we double click on System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree, located in the right pane for the box to run “Edit DWORD (32-bit) value”.

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step 5

When the box appears, we change the default value from “1” to “0”, and press the button “To accept”.

From now on, we will no longer see traces of OneDrive.

Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Education users

In these versions of Windows, things are much easier since they offer a series of specific tools to carry out this type of task.

Before starting, we must follow the steps described above to disable autostart and OneDrive sync.

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Step 1

After that, we press the key combination “Win + R”, which will immediately open the “Run” box, where we will write “gpedit.msc” (without the quotes). With this we will launch the Windows Group Policy Editor.

Step 2

When the Windows Group Policy Editor has been executed, we move to the next level:

Local Computer Policy>Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Onedrive.

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Step 3

Once we have reached our destination, we double click on the option “Prevent the use of OneDrive to store files.”

Step 4

We change the default value of “Not configured” a “Enabled” and click on the button “To accept”.


Maybe The most important consideration to take into account we deactivate OneDrive from Windows 10 is that we can no longer count on their services from anywhere on our computer, And we won’t be able to have the images we take with our smartphone or tablet synchronized with our PC either.

It is also very important to note that this procedure is completely reversible, that is to say that if we regret it later, we can always put it back into circulation by performing the same steps but in reverse, which will allow us to have everything as it was before, without losses and without problems.

Alternatives to OneDrive

As we know, the Internet offers an impressive number of free and paid services that do the same thing as OneDrive, including Mega, Dropbox, SugarSync and othersbut perhaps the one with the best relationship between storage space and price is Google Drive, which offers a whole battery of applications including Google Docs, a very complete office suite compatible with Office, in addition to full compatibility with Android, the most widespread mobile operating system among cell phones of all price ranges. It also provides 15 GB of free space, which are also sufficient for most of the uses made by common users of this class of services.

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Also, for all those users concerned about the storage space consumed by Drive due to photos stored by Google Photosthe truth is that if the image does not exceed a certain size, it does not compute when making the account, so it could be said that the storage of photos in the service is practically inexhaustible.

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Although for many years Google has been harshly criticized for issues related to the privacy of its users’ data, the truth is that no technology company is exempt from suspicion. but in the case of Google Driveeven with these assumptions, is perhaps the best service of its kind available.