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Most likely most of us we have thousands of photographs accumulated on our hard drive that take up a large amount of space. At one point we have probably also thought of using an external storage unit to store the most important ones, such as family photos, those of the most important events and others. However, it is still certain that we have left a good amount of photos to have on hand just in case, which will continue to occupy a significant space of our resources.

In the event that we are concerned about this space used by the images, we can always resort to compressing them, not in the way that we would do it through a file compressor such as WinRAR or WinZip, which would completely ruin the labels with which we have ordered these photographs, but directly attacking the resolution, which will reduce the size of the images leaving free a considerable space, always depending on the number of photos that we submit to the process.

However, before taking the step of reduce the resolution of our photos we must be very careful, because although we can gain a lot of space on the disk, if we reduce the resolution too much, the images that we will obtain will really serve very little, so we must be very sure of what we do.

This post is focused precisely on this topic, so here we can find the best ways to compress images both on our own PC and online. We will also be able to find a few tips about the best relationship between compression and image quality, to prevent our photos from being “slobbery”, as users often say to low-resolution images.

Do you need to compress images?

In the event that we find ourselves in the scenario described above, or a similar one, as we mentioned, we can always resort to Compress the images so they don’t take up as much space. However, lowering the resolution of an image is not a task that should be taken lightly, since if we go beyond a certain compression level, although we can get an impressive reduction in the size of the images, the truth is that we will not be able to use them for almost any project, since it is quite likely that the details contained in these images have been lost due to compression.

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In addition to the storage problem, another of the points where Reducing the size of images is critical is the realm of web pages. A larger than necessary image size has a negative influence when loading a web page in the browser, this being a more than important factor when it comes to seo positioning, In addition, an adequate image size allows the visitor to enjoy the images that we are showing them without having to suffer slowdowns in the loading of the site; if the page is fast, the user will stay longer and will want to know more about the content we have to offer.

It could be said that basically There are two ways to compress an image: the first one is reducing its size, and the second one is reducing its resolution. The easiest way to understand how to compress an image is by taking into account certain parameters, which include the original dimensions of the photos and in which project we are going to use these images, since many times it is not necessary to change the dimensions of an image. image to reduce its size in Mb.

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However, in order not to complicate our lives, the basic thing we must know to achieve our goal is that the most balanced compression between size and resolution is achieved by using the JPEG format, and although there are others, even with even better compression rates, the truth is that the JPEG image format is fully compatible with any application and implementation.

In this sense, one of the best advantages offered by the JPEG format is that it implements an adaptive compression scheme, which allows store the image data by varying the compression levels. This means that the compression that we will be able to achieve with this format is not fixed, that is to say that we will be able to vary it according to the needs of the project that we are working on.

However, this format, like all other image file types when compressed, loses its detail as we go along with the compression, that is to say that the higher the degree of compression, the less details we will obtain from the original image, fact that is repeated every time we edit one of these photographs and save it again in JPEG format, unless we select not to do compression, which depends on the image editing software that we are using at that moment.

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Bearing in mind the above considerations, what remains for us now is to find good applications with which to compress images easily. In this sense, we have two approaches available: The approach of installing and using graphic design software on our own computer, whether free or paid, which has its advantages and disadvantages, and the approach of doing it online through a cloud service. , which also has its positive and negative characteristics.

If we choose to compress images from our own PC with an application dedicated to it such as Photoshop, Gimp or others, we have the advantage that we will not depend on an Internet connection, nor its speed or stability, nor should we wait for the extra minutes that it means upload, process and download images to and from a cloud site.

Also, the control we can have over the compression and image quality that we want to obtain from the compression process, with apps installed on the computer it can be much more precise. This works for all graphic design software, free or paid.

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However, if at the moment we need to easily compress our images we do not have any such application available in our arsenal, the cloud option becomes a more than interesting alternative, and although the options that most of these sites offer us when compressing are not the most professional, they will always allow us to get by, or even if our compression needs are basic, we can use them as one more tool, since in addition Most of the time, online photo compression services are free.

From this point, we will see What compress images easily with both types of alternatives, the cloud and desktop apps like Riot, Photoshop, Gimp, and Image Resizer for Windows.

Compress images made easy with design software

For compress images easily There are an infinity of design programs, some paid and others completely free. With any of these options we will be able to compress images with quality and in an easy and fast way, however, we cannot mention them all, it is for this reason that for this part of the post we have selected the image compression tools that in our opinion meet a series of essential requirements such as quality, stability, speed, comfort of use and ability to properly establish an image size according to our needs.

Through these graphic design programs and image converterswe will be able to establish the measurements and resolution of an image in the exact way required by the project we are working on, and best of all, we will be able to do it in the simplest way possible, since they have a series of options and features that will be really very useful for us to carry out this task.

Also most of the applications to compress images in this list have some option called “Save for web” or similar names, which will allow us to obtain a perfectly optimized image to use on a web page completely automatically without losing any quality, an extremely interesting point if we are working on a project of this type.

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Compress images with Adobe Photoshop

What else can be said about this design software? Photoshop has been the undisputed leader for image manipulation in the graphics industry for years. With this magnificent tool you can do a multitude of professional tasks, among which is also included the possibility of compressing images, for which it offers the option “Save for web”, which serves precisely to obtain a photograph with the appropriate size and excellent quality for this platform, being in turn an adequate size for storage, in the event that we have too many photos and images that we want to save.

Now the truth is that Photoshop can be a bit too oversized for these tasks, since it is designed for other purposes, and its cost is prohibitive for most. That is why before using this Adobe tool to resize a few images, we should perhaps think about other alternatives mentioned in this post.

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Compress images with GIMP

As we know, GIMP is an image editing program considered one of the few serious alternatives to Photoshop. It is from the Open Source world, which means that it is free, but there is also a lot of development work behind it. However, just like the Adobe program, GIMP It has been designed for other purposes, but it still has great options to compress images to the exact size we need, and with excellent quality.

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If you want to try this excellent graphic design editor for free, all you have to do is click on this link.

if we are looking for a easy way to compress images, perhaps neither Photoshop nor Gimp are the right tools for us, unless we use them for a larger creation process, and we need to have the possibility of resizing images integrated.

That is why from this point we will know some tools simpler to compress images very easily.

Compress images with Riot

The first software to compress images very easily that we will mention in this part of the post is RIOT, a completely free small app available both as an independent program and in the form of a plugin for other programs like GIMP or Irfanview.

Among the main features of RIOT we can mention that it is quite wise with system resources, it’s fast to time to compress the images, and it is also very easy to use, perhaps its best feature.

However, despite its simplicity of use, it is really very powerful, so much so that the most advanced users in this field can use it as one of their main graphic design tools. With RIOT we can easily resize a photo by controlling the amount of compression that will be applied to the image, as well as the number of colors, fundamental aspects to obtain a much smaller file in size.

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Another of the most interesting features of this image compressor is that we will be able to know in real time the aspect and size that the final image will have in one of the windows that the program offers in its main interface.

If you wish, you can download RIOT completely free of charge clicking on this link.

Image Resizer for Windows

One of the most useful apps for compress images easy that we can find today. With Image Resizer we will be able to change the size of our photographs and images in the simplest and fastest way.

One of the most interesting features of Image Resizer is that when we install it on our PC it will be integrated into the Windows context menus, which means that the only thing we have to do to resize one or more images is to move to their location, select them and with the right mouse button click on the option “Resize Pictures”, after which the main interface will be executed, from which we will be able to choose various parameters, among which are the resolution and the size, which can be one of the default ones or a personalized one.

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Furthermore, it allows us select the quality of the image to resize, as well as the possibility of customizing the names, in the case of multiple images,

If you want, you can download Image Resizer completely free clicking on this link.

Compress images easily online

We talked above about the advantages of apps to resize images for desktop. However, we cannot always count on these tools, since the need may arise to have to work on a computer or device that is not ours, and most likely, we do not have the necessary permissions to install anything on them.

It is in this scenario where the Internet and its services can give us invaluable help. In the great network of networks we can find countless sites with which compress our photos and images with the best possible quality, without the need to install software on the computer, which can save the day.

Most of the sites to compress images online that we can find on the Internet are capable of offering really professional results in a quite simple way, regardless of the knowledge we may have of graphic design. In addition, many of them are completely free, at least in the basic image compression options. They are also very fast, depending only on the speed of our Internet connection, and many of them allow the upload of multiple files.

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As we can see, sites to compress photos online also have their advantages, and we can take advantage of them just by having a well-updated browser. Regarding its use, most of them work in the same way, that is to say that we drag or upload the files through a dialog box, select the type of compression and other parameters that the site allows us and wait for it to finish to download the result to our computer.

From this point, we will know what in our opinion are the best online sites to compress photos for free and easy.


kraken is a site to compress images whose main characteristic is its simplicity of use, thanks in part to its careful user interface. While the options you can offer free users may seem few, for most users, who are usually just looking for a way to resize your images free and without complications, they are more than enough.

These options are the compression tool for JPEG and PNG files, which allows us to select between two different qualities: “lossy” (lossy) and “lossless” (no loss). Simple but really very effective. It should be noted that our images will be available for download for a period of 12 hours.

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If you want some more options, Kraken offers a PRO service, through which we can compress a photo or image by pasting the URL where it is hostedselect the size of the photo and other features, nothing that other sites offer for free.

If you want to access Kraken, you can click on this link.

Image Optimizer

The simplest and most effective of all options to compress photos online of the list. With Image Optimizer we will be able to resize an image in the way that best pleases us, all we have to do is upload the image or photo, select the desired quality, the size and then click on the button Optimize Now. After this we will obtain a result worthy of note in terms of quality.

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If you wish, you can access Image Optimizer clicking on this link.


TinyPNG is an image compression service focused on needs of web developers. Undoubtedly the best feature of TinyPNG is the possibility of being able to upload up to 20 images of 5 Mb each simultaneously to the service, considerably reducing their size in Kb. or Mb. by reducing the number of colors in the image but without changing its dimensions. . This is achieved with a type of compression that the owners call “Lossy”.

It should be noted that TinyPNG offers the possibility of downloading a free WordPress plugin, and if you are not a user of this CMS platform, sell a plugin for Photoshop. Undoubtedly a simple, fast, quality and above all very convenient way to reduce the size of our images.

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If you want, you can access TinyPNG clicking on this link.

Compressor is the solution for compress images online most effective for all those who work with other formats such as PNG, GIF or SVG, in addition to JPEG. It is also one of the easiest tools to use, but this should not confuse us, since behind its apparent simplicity it offers very professional options with which to make our image, once reduced in size, look its best.

Other features of Compressor is the ability to select the type of compression we want for our images, in the same way as Kraken, cited above. This means that the option “lossless” offers greater quality and detail, at the cost of a larger size, while the option “lossy” It is responsible for considerably reducing the size of an image, even if its quality is not entirely optimal.

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If you wish, you can access Compressor clicking on this link.

Image Optim

So far we have talked about online image compressors and for the Windows desktop. But what about Mac OS X users? For them we have ImageOptim available, an incredibly simple but really very powerful app, completely free, developed to allow image compression in a simple but effective way.

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East image compressor for mac It also offers other features, such as the possibility of removing the metadata from the images, which will offer us a few extra Kb., compress several images simultaneously and support for exporting the compressed photos in PNG or JPEG formats.

If you wish, you can download ImageOptim for free from its developers’ website, clicking on this link.

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