Unblock Adobe Flash Player


If at some point in our lives we haven’t come across some animation nested within our favorite websites, chances are we haven’t used the Internet enough. Most, if not all, of these animations were programmed in an environment called Flashfrom the developer Adobe, the same that develops Photoshop, and the software that plays them is called Flash Player.

The particularity of these animations is that, in addition to being extremely eye-catching on many occasions, they are relatively simple to do, which greatly favored the market for incipient Internet advertising. When Flash Player was released by Macromedia, Its original developer, back in 1996, was a true revolution for all the advertising businesses of the time, accustomed to static, unattractive images that could not contain too much information.

Over the years, Adobe Flash became a standard, and it is currently one of the safest ways to get potential customers the message that the company wants to send. However, not all are roses in the way of Flash Player, as we can see if we read this article, where we will also find all the ways to install, use and unlock Adobe Flash Player.

What is Adobe Flash Player

This small plug-in was developed as we mentioned in the mid-1990s by a firm called Macromedia, but it was acquired after a few years, precisely in 2005 by Adobe Systems, and with it all the rights to Flash, which started from that point to be distributed for free, For this reason, and also thanks to its characteristics, embedded implementations began to be included in the pages themselves as games, advertising animations and many other uses.

Basically, Flash Player is software in plugin format that can be installed in our browser, also known as an add-on, which allows the user to enjoy multimedia content such as executable code, video, audio, text and other content in SWF format files, “Shockwave Flash Format” either “Small Web Format”, as it is also known, files created with Adobe Flash Professional and other development applications for this type of file, such as SWFTools, which we can download completely free of charge by clicking on this link.

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These types of files flash animations, They offer more than interesting features for all types of implementations, such as the possibility of being integrated by default in all current web browsers. However, the best advantage of these types of files is undoubtedly that they are small enough to be embedded in a web page or email without its size preventing it from running on all kinds of devices, regardless of their power in terms of memory or CPU.

That is to say that while Flash is the platform where it is programmed, Flash Player is the player for this type of file. Within the characteristics of SWF files we can find that they are compatible with most of the most modern audio, video and image formats of today, such as Sorenson Spark, On2 VP6, H.264, ADPCM, MP3, HE-AAC , Adobe Illustrator AI, Adobe Photoshop PSD, AutoCAD DXF, Bitmap as BMP or DIB, EMF and WMF, SPL, GIF and Animated GIF, JPEG, PNG, SWF, XML, FXG, QuickTime, TIFF and many other file formats. audio and video.

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Others Flash Player features They also include content protection services for data and video streaming in the “on demand”, among other.

With respect to availability of Flash Player, Being a browser plugin or add-on, it is platform independent, that is, it can be used without problems on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android, on any type of device that offers support for a web browser, such as a computer. desktop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

However, despite all its features, Flash Player has been strongly criticized mainly due to problems related to security of the data contained in the files created with this technology, especially vulnerabilities that open the door to other threats.

This has been the case for many years, to the point that the main browsers on the market such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox blocked the ability to use Flash with the goal of minimizing security- and performance-related issues. However, they didn’t completely block it, they just did what was necessary so that Flash Player wouldn’t run content without users’ permission.

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If you want to know how to unlock flash of your browser to continue viewing content and using our favorite Flash games in that format, from this point on we offer you the necessary instructions on how to do it in the simplest and fastest way possible.

How to unblock Adobe Flash in Chrome

In order to enjoy the Flash content in Google Chrome, We must follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

We run Chrome and move to the icon of the three vertical points, located in the upper right corner of the window, and press it, an action that will show us a drop-down menu.

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Step 2

There we move to the option “Setting”, which we will press to bring up a new tab with all the Chrome configuration options. After that we scroll to the bottom of the page, where we will find the item “Advanced Options”, on which we must press for new options to appear.

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Step 3

Once in this place again we scroll down until the option appears “Privacy & Security”. After that, click on “Site Settings”, then we move to the “Content” section, and finally click on the feature “Flash”.

Step 4

In this section “Flash” there are two options: “Block” Y “Allow”, which will be useful to filter the sites that we want with Flash and those that we don’t, as we will see later. Now, to completely block or unblock the execution of Flash, we must use the command “Prevent sites from running Flash.”

In this case, if the option is greyed out, Flash execution is blocked. If we want to unlock it, all we have to do is click on the slider until it activates, with which we will ensure that any site can run Flash without problems.

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It should be noted at this point that despite having activated flash execution, we will always have to manually authorize its execution on the sites, since there is no way for the browser to do it automatically.

step 5

Now for unblock a site with Flash, all we have to do is click on the button “Allow” in the notification that appears when we load the page, after which the site with Flash will be included in the list of allowed Flash pages.

Step 6

If for some reason we want remove the ability to run Flash on a specific site, all we have to do is scroll to the options “Allow” o Block mentioned in Step 4, and click on the trash can icon.

How to unblock Adobe Flash in Firefox

to start unblock Flash content in Mozilla Firefoxwe must follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

We run Firefox and click on the browser settings icon, which in this case are three horizontal lines.

Step 2

In the displayed submenu, click on the option “Accessories”. As soon as we click on the option, a new tab will be displayed in which we will find all the plugins installed in Firefox.

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Step 3

There we click on the option “Plugins”, located in the left panel of the window, after which the plugins will be displayed. At this point we can see, in the section “Manage your plugins”, a shock wave flashbetter known as adobe-flash.

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Step 4

For enable or disable Adobe Flash Click on the three dots icon next to “Shockwave Flash” action that will show us a drop-down menu with two options: “Ask before activating” Y “Never activate”.

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At this point, the first option allows us use the Flash features of any site, but before Firefox will ask if we want to do it, in the same way that Google Chrome does, through a notification with an option “Allow”. If we do not want to run content anywhere, then the option to select will be “Never activate”.

How to unblock Adobe Flash in Edge

For unlock Flash content in Microsoft Edge, We must follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

We run Microsoft Edge and scroll to the icon “Setting”, the three horizontal dots, located in the upper right corner of the Edge window. After that, a drop-down menu will appear, in which we have to select the option “Setting”.

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Step 2

Next, click on the option “Site permissions” located in the left pane of the window. More options will appear immediately in the right panel. At this point we must select AdobeFlash.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (12)

There we will find the most important option: “Ask before running Flash”. If this option is grayed out, then Edge is blocking Flash from running. If we want that the browser unblock Flashthen we activate it.

In this point, Edge behaves the same way as Google Chrome, that is to say that even with the option of allow flash enabled, The browser will always ask us if we want to activate it for each site we visit that contains content of this type.

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How to unblock Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer

To unlock and view content or play games with Flash in Internet Explorer, all we have to do is follow the instructions below.

Step 1

We open Internet Explorer and scroll to the gear-shaped icon, located in the upper right corner of the menu. This will show a new drop-down menu, in which we have to select the option “Manage add-ons”. At this point a new window will open.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (14)

Step 2

After that we look for the drop-down menu under the section “To show”, and there we select “All accessories” and we select “Shockwave Flash Object” from the left panel.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (15)

Step 3

To finish enabling Flash in Internet Explorer, click on the button “Enable”, with which all the features of Flash will be enabled. In the case of wanting disable flash optionsclick on the button “To disable”.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (16)

To finish of enable or disable Internet Explorer Flashwe must click on the button “To close”.

How to unblock Adobe Flash in Safari

For activate or desactivate Adobe Flash in Safari browser, We must follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

We open Safari and go to the gear-shaped icon located in the upper right corner and press it. At this point a drop-down menu will appear, in which we have to select the option “Preferences”. When we do, a new window will open.

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Step 2

After that, click on the tab “Websites”, located at the top of the window, after which we click on the tab Adobe Flash Player. This option is located at the bottom left of the section window. “Accessories”.

Step 3

Next, we click on “When visiting other websites”, after which a new drop-down menu will appear, in which we have to click on the option “Activate”.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (18)

Once we have done this step, we can view Flash content and games in Safari.

Download Adobe Flash Player Free

Undoubtedly the safest, fastest and easiest way to download and install Adobe Flash on our computer is by accessing the official website of adobe-flashwhich, having components developed in Flash, will surely be blocked.

That is, before being able download Flash to our PC The first thing we have to do is use one of the procedures indicated above to unlock the page, according to the browser or browsers that we have installed on our computer.

However, Adobe’s official site is not the only site where we can download adobe flash player, since we have other sites available, such as MCCin which we can download free flash no need to unlock firsteither FileHippoin which we will have all the versions of Flash available, in order to install the one that best fits our system.

Finally, a classic download site like Softonicin which we will find, in addition to the latest version of Flash, all the others, to be able to install them without problems regardless of the version of our operating system.

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Install Adobe Flash Player

Although, as we have seen, we can download Flash Player from different places, the truth is that the installation procedure is the same for all of them. That is why from this point on we will show you the detailed instructions to install Flash on your PC.

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is download Flash. In this case we will use the version of the official website.

Step 2

At this point the site will show us a new window, in which we can see 3 panels. The first one is the version automatically selected for our system. In the second panel we must pay attention and remove the two marks from the boxes in the column “Optional offers”, which prevents Adobe from installing unwanted software.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (20)

Step 3

After that, the only thing left is to click on the button “Install Now”, located at the bottom right of the page.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (21)

When the download begins, we will have to select the option to save the file on our computer, procedure that changes according to the browser that we are using at that moment.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (22)

Step 4

Close all browsers and open the folder “Downloads” of our PC. There we click on the Flash installer that we just downloaded.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (23)

This will start with installation of Flash Player. At this point, all we have to do is follow the instructions on the screen.

enable-unlock-adobe-flash- (24)

When the button appears “To finalize” it means that Adobe Flash Player will already be installed on our system.