How to add reminder: GUIDE for all devices


Whether we have a good memory that allows us to remember each of the appointments and tasks that we have to carry out, or whether we are one of those people who are accused of having a “fish memory”, the truth is that it never hurts have tools to help us remember those important points in our daily life.

A few decades ago, in order to remember a medical shift, a work appointment, the time to take a medication, we used to use agendas and alarms on our watches, but nowadays, thanks to the possibilities that technology has given us In our daily lives, customs have changed remarkably.

In this context, we can use our computer, our cell phone, tablet or smartwatch to be able to remember a precise event that we have to carry out at a certain time. The best thing is that we can have these reminders wherever we are, through the devices that we always carry with us.

Hundreds of thousands are the tools and applications that currently exist for the reminder management and tracking, and the truth is that in general most of these programs are very good and perfectly meet what we need. But it is also true that when choosing the reminder tool that we are going to use, we must take into account what will be the use and purpose that we will give itin order to choose the one that best fulfills its function according to our needs.

Let us take into account that the scenarios and the objective that the tool will have of reminder that we choose to use, will depend almost entirely on the function that we will give you this tool in our daily life, that is to say that choosing a reminder method for someone who must remember birthdays and appointments is not the same as, for example, for a doctor who must have a complete schedule of his patients’ shifts .

Of course, for this last scenario, the ideal is to have a much more complex management platform, while to be able to organize our daily life and remember, for example, a meeting or greet someone for their birthday, it will suffice with the reminder functions offered by for example Windows, Google calendar, Keep or similar.

In general, most of the applications that include the function of reminders They usually have a simple and similar graphical interface, and they usually allow us to enter various types of programmable events.including not only upcoming appointments, but also birthdays, meetings, shopping lists, and more.

Some of these applications even have the possibility of in addition to entering the reminder data what we want to receive, we can also add additional contentsuch as images, documents and others, that are associated with the appointment that we have entered.

For all these reasons, it is essential that before deciding which will be the best alternative to receive our reminders, we evaluate the time we are in front of the computer or the time we spend with our cell phone available, in order to choose which is the best device to use the tool.

After that, it only remains to opt for the best application option that allows us properly receive the reminder at the right time in which we have to carry out the event in question.

To do this, in this article we review the most commonly used reminder options today, including Windows, Android Assistant, Google Calendar, Keep, WhatsApp, and Outlook, with the methods through which we can add a reminder easily and quickly. Then each of us will be able to choose which method best suits our daily needs.

Add reminder in Windows

If we usually use the computer every day for our work, and we consider that the The best way to remember the tasks that we must perform is through reminders on our PCwe must know that there are some procedures that we can use for it.

The truth is adding reminder in Windows is really easyand we can carry out the creation of reminders in several ways, the most used being, due to its effectiveness, doing it with the Windows calendar, with Cortana or with the Stiky Notes application.

Below we review the steps that must be carried out in each of these alternatives, which by the way are all very simple.

Add reminder in Windows with calendar

Step 1

The first thing we will do is go to the windows taskbarpunctually at notification areaand there we must click on the space in which the system shows us the time.

Step 2

We will see that it will be displayed windows calendarwhich is the tool that we are going to use to add the reminder, so next we go to the section on “Today” and click on the “Introduction” button in order to properly start our Windows calendar account.

Step 3

It is extremely important that if we do not yet have a established account let’s make it so that we can access all reminders from different devices in sync.

Step 4

Once this is done, we can easily add a reminder in Windows through the calendar, click on the task bar in the current time sector, and when the calendar box is displayed we will see that in the “Today” section we can enter a reminder with all the necessary dataincluding day, time, location.

step 5

Once we have entered all the reminder data, it will only remain that Click on the “Save” button.

In this way, the event that we have introduced will be saved in the Windows calendar and we will receive the notification at the time we have indicated them.

Add reminder in Windows with Cortana

Step 1

The first thing we must bear in mind is that if we want use Cortana to add reminders in Windowsthen it will be necessary that Cortana is enabled on our computer. Let’s remember that it is Microsoft’s virtual assistant, which is included in the operating system by default, although we can always deactivate it.

Step 2

In principle we go to the search bar and click on the magnifying glass, and then write in the “Cortana” search box, without quotation marks.

Step 3

Among the various options we will see that there is the Cortana virtual assistant application, so we click on it for the application to run.

Step 4

Once the virtual assistant window is displayed, Click on the light bulb icon.

step 5

next thing will be click on the “Add” item, which will display the options to add a reminder.

Step 6

Once we have completed all the fields of the reminder, it will only remain that Click on the “Add” button and the reminder will be established that Cortana will notify us at the precise moment that we have indicated.

Add reminder in Windows with Sticky Notes

Step 1

For use Sticky Notes or Sticky Notes in Windows we do not need to install anything, since the tool is included by default in the operating system. Therefore, to use it we must first click on the magnifying glass on the taskbar and write in the box search “Stiky Notes” or “Sticky Notes” without quotes, after which we click on the shortcut of the tool.

It should be noted that if we decide to use the application frequently, we can always have it available, for which click on the Sticky Notes icon with the right mouse button and select the “Pin to taskbar” option.

Step 2

Once the quick notes window is open, the first thing we must do is sign in with our Microsoft account, in order to allow us to store backup copies of our notes and reminders and synchronize them.

Step 3

Once we have logged in with our Microsoft account, in the quick notes window we must click on the “+” icon to add a reminder or note. We will see that by doing that a new quick note will be displayed on the desktop.

Step 4

Now we will go on to edit the reminder, for which we will see that in the box of the new note we not only have space to write what we want to remember, but also includes a series of tools to be able to configure some aspects of the note that we are creating, including issues such as the color of the note, the font, the addition of bullets to make lists, the possibility of adding a photo.

step 5

It should be noted that the note will remain on the Windows desktop until we decide to delete it, and it is important to bear in mind that it behaves like any other window, that is, we can move it around on the desktop, we can drag it and even change its size as we do for example with the file explorer window.

By the time we’ve completed the task listed in the sticky note, and we no longer need the reminder, we can easily delete the note, for which we must click on the three-dot iconwhich is located in the upper right corner of the quick note window and click on the option “Delete note”.

Add a reminder on Android with the assistant

In the event that we decide to have appointment, event and anniversary reminders available on our cell phone, because we always carry it with us and we consider it to be the best option, then we can use the various alternatives that exist to add a reminder on Android.

In general, we can say that one of the most used methods for this is add a reminder in android with the assistantsince it turns out to be the easiest alternative of using.

As we well know, the google assistant includes a wide variety of options availablewhich allow us to carry out the most diverse tasks with our cell phone, almost without touching its screen, since we can also configure different tasks with our voice.

Among the different functions that we can take advantage of the google assistantit includes the possibility to add reminderswhich will be notified to us at the exact time that we have indicated.

For add a reminder on android with google assistant through the speech recognition We must carry out the steps detailed below.

Step 1

The first thing we must do is to tell our phone “OK Google”, in order for the wizard to be displayed.

Step 2

Once the Google assistant is running, we indicate that we want to add a reminder, for which we can say “create reminder”, “add reminder”, “remind me” or a similar command.

Step 3

The wizard will ask us what it is the event we want to add as a reminder, so we need to tell it the detail of the task that we want it to remind us of. We must also indicate the day and time that we want it to remind us to perform said task.

In the event that we do not want to use voice recognition to tell the Google assistant the reminder data that we want to add, then we can do it manuallyin the following way.

Step 1

We run the google app.

Step 2

Once the Google application screen is open, we must go to the bottom of said screen and click on “More”, with which a new screen will be displayed, in which we must Click on the “Reminders” item.

Step 3

Next, to be able to add a new reminder, we will only have to click on the “+” icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 4

The screen will be displayed in which we can add reminder details that we want to add in Android, including a title or detail, the time, the day and the place.

When we have completed the fields, it will only remain that click on the checked icon to save the new reminder that we have created.

Add a reminder on Android with Calendar

Another option that we can use to add a reminder on Android on our cell phone is the Google Calendar application, which includes a series of quite complete functions to create new events and remind us that we have to perform certain tasks.

It should be noted that the Google calendar is an application that is included by factory default in all cell phones with the Android operating system, so It will only be necessary to have the application enabled on our device to be able to use it.

To add a reminder with google-calendar We must carry out the following steps.

Step 1

We run the Calendar application and once on the app screen Click on the “+” icon.

Step 2

Next, a series of options will be displayed to add, among which We will choose “Reminder”.

Step 3

next thing will be complete the reminder fields that we want to add to the Google calendar, and finally we must click on the “Save” button so that the reminder is actually saved in the Calendar.

Notably the reminders and events that we add in Android through the Google calendar will not only be available on the cell phone, but also we can check them on our computerthrough the web browser on the Google calendar page.

Add a reminder on Android with Keep

Without a doubt, Google Keep is one of the most used applications by Android users, and this is not by chance, but rather because it is actually one of the most interesting tools that Google offers.

Keep offers us a wide range of functionalities, although is known as an application for notesthe truth is that it is much more than that, since it also gives us the possibility of add lists, take photos, capture audio and everything else that comes to mind related to capturing notes, including reminders.

It also has color and label options that allow us to carry out a efficient organization of all notes that we include in the application. We must also point out that we can use Keep on our Android cell phone, and also use the tool on our computer, through the web browser, since our notes are synchronized through our Google user account.

Regarding the reminders, we can in a really simple way add a reminder on Android with Keep in the following way.

Step 1

In our Android cell phone we must run the Keep appand once on the screen we must click on the menu iconwhich is located at the top left of the screen.

Step 2

In the menu that is displayed we must Click on the “Reminders” item.

Step 3

Once we are in the reminders section of the application, we must click on the “+” icon to be able to add a new reminder in Keep.

Step 4

When configuring the reminder, we must bear in mind that in Keep we can configure reminders that are activated at a certain time or place, for which once we have detailed what the reminder in question is about, we must Click on the bell icon to add this information.

step 5

Next, a box will be displayed in which we can choose to choose a day, a time and even a place so that Keep reminds us of a specific task or event. We can also select the number of times we want the reminder to repeat.

Once these data are configured, it will only remain that Click on the “Save” button for the changes to be saved.

From there we will see that the reminder will appear below the text of the note, next to the labels. It is important to mention that in order to receive the reminder alert, we must have an internet connection.

Add a reminder on WhatsApp

Undoubtedly, something that can be extremely useful to us is the being able to add reminders on WhatsApp, the instant messaging tool that practically everyone in the world uses.

The good news is that this is possible, since there is a procedure that we can carry out with which we can add reminders in WhatsApp without major inconvenience. Basically it is a trick through which we can create a chat with ourselves, which will allow us to send each other messages that we can use as reminders on WhatsApp

Here is the trick to do it.

Step 1

The first thing we must do is open web browser on our cell phone and in the URL box write the following:

That is to say that where it says our number we must write precisely our phone number. It should also be noted that the number “54” corresponds to Argentina, so if we are in another country we must place the number corresponding to our region. After that we went to that page.

Step 2

We will see that in the browser we will be shown a whatsapp chat screenso next we must write a message and click on the button to send that message.

Step 3

In our WhatsApp we will see that a new chat will openso we add this new contact and also send a message from the app so that this chat stays active.

With these simple steps we can have a chat, which we can even set as the most prominent, through which we will have the possibility to send each other scheduled messages so that they reach us in the WhatsApp application as if they were reminders.

It is important to mention that we can also create a group in which only we participatewith which we can use the chat of said group as reminders within the application.

Add a reminder on WhatsApp with Any.Do

Another option that we can use to add a reminder on WhatsApp is by using an external application. In this case, the best alternative is undoubtedly Any.Dowhich is basically a popular tool for creation of lists, notes and reminders.

Among the features that Any.Do includes, the one that interests us at the moment is the integration that this app has with WhatsApp, since it allows integrating reminders with WhatsApp, through a method by which it acts as if it were a bot.

In this way, we can write the reminder message in said bot, with which it we will receive in WhatsApp as if it acted as an integrated reminder to the instant messaging application.

It should be noted that in addition to the reminders that we create they can be shared with the WhatsApp contacts that we wantwith which it becomes a tool that also manages to fulfill the collaborative function.

Before we begin, it is important to mention that Any.Do is a paid app for Androidso if after the free trial it offers us, it is a very good alternative, to continue using it We will have to pay 3 dollars a month.

Here’s how to use Any.Do to add a reminder to whatsapp.

Step 1

In principle we must install on our cell phone. We can find the application in its free version in the Google Play Store, or from this link.

Step 2

Once we have installed the app on our phone, we run it and configure it in order to be able to use it with WhatsApp. For this we must go to the “Settings” section of the applicationwhich we find on the main screen, in the lower right sector.

Step 3

Once on the settings screen, Click on the “Integrations” item.

Step 4

We will see that one of the available options is to integrate WhatsApp to Any.Do, so the following will be Click on the “WhatsApp” item.

step 5

next thing will be enter our phone number and click on the “Send” button. We will receive a verification code via SMS to our phone, after which we can start using the Ant.Do application integrated with WhatsApp.

Step 6

To create reminders in Any.Do we only have to click on the option you wantfor example “Tomorrow”, and complete the data referring to said reminder.

Add reminder in Outlook

Another of the alternatives that we have available to organize our appointments, meetings and remember anniversaries is Opt for Microsoft’s email manager, since Outlook includes the functionality to create reminders.

We can do this both in the case in which we have on our computer the application that includes the Microsoft Office suite, as well as via Outlook online service that we can use with our account Windows user.

To do this we must carry out the steps detailed below.

Step 1

If we are going to use the free online outlook servicewe must in principle from our web browser go to the official websitevia this linkwhere we must register with our Windows account.

Step 2

Once we are on the main page of Outlook, we must click on the “My Day” iconwhich we identify with the calendar form in the tools section located in the upper right part of the screen.

Step 3

When the calendar is displayed, we will see that below this box is the “New event” optionon which we must press.

Step 4

Next, the form will be displayed so that we can add all the data concerning the event that we want to create, including day, time, place, repetition, choice of type of reminder and of course the details of all the information.

At the end of completing the form, we must click on the “Save” button for the entered data to be stored.

Note that we can also add to the reminder images and documents associated with the event that we have to carry out. To do this we must use the independent window of the reminder, which we achieve by clicking on the icon to expand the calendar.